Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013-01-30 sell, sell, sell

This last year has gone pretty fast, and it seems like we've not really done much in terms of downsizing, but really we have. If you saw my house when we combined households you would have had a heart attack from ALL THE STUFF and really there's more like 2 storage units full awaiting their turn to be sold and I hope to never lay eyes on it again.

My mom wanted to do this selling business many years ago and never really got around to selling anything, but she didn't stop buying anything so we have a lot of work ahead of us, but it will be helpful with the amount of things I would like to do with the house so I'll be thinking...sell, sell, sell and hopefully most of the items will sell and no longer take residence in my home. I love the quote by William Morris Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. and that's a good way to live.  Clutter is a nuisance and makes me a not so nice person.  I just can't work in a clutter home and sometimes, yes, I'm sorry to admit this out loud, but I can get pretty mean and sometimes I've been known to throw things, though not at people. 

What's I've posted in the last week:

* Precor EFX 5.17i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer  SOLD AUG
* Klaussner Sofa SOLD AUG
* Coffee Table, wood and glass SOLD 02/08/13
* Vita-mix  SOLD FEB 2
* collapsible doggy steps sold JAN 29
* Rocking Chair SOLD JUNE
* Antique Twin Metal Bed:
* Full Size Metal Bed Frame: SOLD JAN 31
* Scandinavian Dining Set:
I plan to take this ad off, because I really LOVE this table set and hope to sell the Elliptical which is currently housed in my dining room. Once the Elliptical is sold and I hang the 2 LACK Wall Shelves that I plan on buying once the bookshelves are moved I believe I'll have room to fit my 5' table.

Things to return Saturday:

I finally found the receipt to my for my shower tension rod caddy after weeks of scoring the house for it.  so now I can return the shower caddy +$25, a 2013 planner +6, and a mustache clock +10.  The planner and clock I think will only be in store credit, but I shop there all the time so I'm going to spend money there anyways.

UPDATE ** 02/12/13
All items above were returned.  1 store credit and 2 items were returned to my card.

Errands to make this coming week:

- cardboard letting want to make a yarn sign for W-A-K-E U-P & wire to do a script DIY for beautiful.
- Felt to make letter cut outs & freezer paper for the template.

activate my iphone.  I've had it now for 3 weeks and have yet to get it activated.
Finally activated on 02/12/13

I also plan to update my House To Do project list this week.  Need to change out a few projects that I've decided not to do and add the new ideas then mark some complete.

We haven't made much this week, but I did make the money back from purchasing my headboard set.  Although the frame doesn't really work with my mattress and soft box-spring combo and so I have to build another bed frame to support my mattress like this one.  I don't think it will cost more then $35 and I would prefer not to buy a box-spring, because then my bed will be to high.

I plan on posting the built ins in my 3rd floor bedroom, some running shoe's I've worn a few times, but are to big, a 70's veneer bookshelf and some household decor.

I've also been working on new plans for my living, dining and 3rd floor guest / office / workout room and I'm looking forward to implementing them, but don't have the funds to spend so I really need to start selling so I can implement the plans.

Furniture swap outs:

Want: Strandmon Wing chair & Foot Stool
Selling: Klaussner One-Arm Sofa

Dining Room

Selling: 70's bookshelf

3rd Floor Guest / Office / Workout

Want: IKEA PAX Wardrobe (x2)  
Selling: Built In Dressers (x2)

I also have a very sturdy and amazing IKEA bookshelf that I love that's currently in my dining room that I plan to temporarily move to my 3rd floor to use for Linens, Towels, and my workout gear until I can afford to purchase the PAX single door wardrobe.  The Photo above best represents the feel and look that I'm going for with my closet.  I also have a Hovet mirror from IKEA the size of the one in the image thanks to their as is section, which I LOVE for only $100.

Selling: Children's Toys
The intended purpose of this is to store some books we are selling, and to house our mailing supplies.  It will be placed so it's 4 cubes wide and 2 cubes high.  I also intend to buy the drawer insert to store pens, markers, scissors, scotch tape and labels, along with 4 DRONA fabric bins to hid the books.

I was originally inspired by this Closet Mid Unit from Target, that Love Grows Wild had set up, but it's an inch to high and the Expedit will be almost 2" shorter then the trim on the half wall where I want to put it, which should look a little better.  Plus, the Expeidit is a nicer shelving unit and I really don't need that many cubbies.  though this would be a great idea if our basement was a little lest dusty to use for our extra toiletries.

UPDATE 02/12
I decided   earlier last week that we would just use bookshelves that we already had instead of buying something new.  Plus, I kind of wanted the Expedit shelves instead and I really didn't want to commit to buying either at the moment in fear that I would regret buying more stuff.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Cure w2

I've been co caught up in mini-projects and catching up on week 1 that I haven't really been focusing on week 2 of the January Cure, but surprisingly I completed 75% of my assignments and I'm moving on course toward having a more organized home.

Day 8: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Kitchen Cleaning & Make Yourself a Meal
The whole kitchen sadly didn't get cleared out, but the floor was swept and steamed mopped, and I cleaned out the fridge and even added fun hand scripted labels.  The cabinets are still pretty clean and organized, except 2 or 3, but those will have to wait a bit and there is still a very large pile in the middle of my floor of items to sell  that have yet to be listed, but I did upload 6 of our large furniture pieces to Craigslist on Sunday so I don't feel to bad about the pile.  Though my goal is to have them all listed in the next 2 weeks.

The shelves were wiped down with warm soapy water along with the drawers and all the old food was cleared out.

 Find a Recipe and Make Yourself a Simple, Enjoyable Meal:
I decided to keep it yummy and simple and I had been craving pancakes anyways so I made protein pancakes.

Day 9: Create a Landing Strip & Start Using it
            {January 14}

I don't have current image of my entry way as it changes frequently, but this is the latest photo I took when reorganizing my living room layout.  Really the only difference is that under mirror I have an IKEA media stand and everything else is moved to the right just a bit.

A Doormat
I'm quite content with my exterior doormat, but my interior rug is not the right fit.  It's a nice black rug from IKEA, but it's a bit small for the space and shows far to much dog hair so at some point when I find exactly what I'm looking for I'll get anther one, but for now it does the job okay. 

Coat Hooks/Hangers
Right now I have an IKEA Adobe Wardrobe in Birch, but I'm in the process of getting it sold and out of the house.  It's far to deep for my entry way and needs to go and is one of my projects for the living room.  I've had several inquiries, but no one has come to take a look.  I plan to swap it out for a TJUSIG coat stand by IKEA

A Landing Strip
I'm still on a debate for my entry table, but am currently using an extra IKEA TV stand that seems to be working for now.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with incoming mail.  This is a constant issue that I have yet to resolve.  I've thought about putting a binder system together, but haven't gotten to it yet. 

Day 10: Work on Your Goal Project
I selected 2 projects as noted in week 1 Day 5  to complete this month and 1 is completed and the other is still in process.

#1 is to find a replacement shelf for our extra toiletries and this project is completed last week.
#2 was to sell my IKEA Adobe Wardrobe.  As noted above I have it posted on Craigslist, but it's not sold yet.

Day 11: Try a Media Fast
This I have not done this week.

Day 12: Declutter Books and Media
Saturday and Sunday I took some of my extra books and looked them up on Amazon.  Most of them were no more than $3 and had more than 10 copies avaialble so I didn't feel the need to try to resell them and added them to my outbox.  There are about 6 there and I have another 10 to check still.

My mom went through a bunch of books in her room, mostly this came about because she's looking for a particular DVD set that we've misplaced, but at this point I don't care what inspired her all I care is that she is finally sorting through her books, which have mostly consisted of overflowing pile and excess messes in her bookshelves.  Plus, most of them are for resell so I'm glad to finally see her put them in the basement until we are able to actually list them.  

My goal is to clean out the house and sort through everything - take out the things we are willing to give away and put together the items we would like to sell so we're not so overwhelmed with trying to do everything at once.  Once we have a space that is cohesive for flow we will be able to better keep organized with the items we would like to sell. 

Day 13: Weekend Chores - Flower & Bedroom
I still have yet to buy flowers.  I'm really just not a flower person, and the smell sometimes stuffs me up.  I've also neglected on buying any green plans.  It's really just because I have issues with commitment.  I did find a pretty flower from IKEA {yep it's real}, but I was hesitant on buying it since I had plans that evening and didn't want a live plant in my car for several hours in freezing temperatures.

I did complete a  few things in my bedroom.  One being that I bought myself a new bed frame Friday. It's pretty fantastic and works well in my space.  The only downside is it's not on wheels, but luckily I really like where it's located and don't plan on moving it so it still works out.I found it at our local secondhand furniture store for only $20 for the whole set - headboard, foot-board, and metal bed frame.  You can't beat that price and I love finish and pattern in the headboard.

I also organized my dresser drawers with the 2 packs of  SKUBB drawer organizer's that I picked up at the Baltimore IKEA Saturday.  so far I like the organized look and it was only $16 minus a few dollars since I had 3 bins to spare.

Day 14: Get Papers and Files together
I have been sorting though my papers little by litter the last few months and pretty much most of it is done.  I do have a small pile on my desk, but that's only about 3 weeks old, and really isn't much.  It's sitting there because it's all 2013 files and I need to archive my 2012 and shred any minor papers I no longer need.   I also need to gather my tax papers so I can get those done early this year.   Currently, I'm just awaiting my work W-2.  It's nice only having to worry about 1 address and 1 job this year.

I would like to reconfigure my current filing binders, mainly, because how I have it filed is far to confusing and some files just need to be put in the same binder like all my bills that come via paper each month.  Plus Id like to keep it simple like Bowl Full of Lemons did.

One of the major things I need to do is create a specific financial binder / folder where I can track my spending.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  One of my unspoken goals is to be aware of where my money is going so I know when I'm overspending on my nonexistent budget, but I really do need one and where to cut back.

I'm not sure if I should be prod of this or just ashamed, but I'm one of those people who will return a $3 item if I'm not using it, or if it's been sitting around the house for months, even a year and if I don't have a use for it or it really wasn't used much and is in as new condition condition I'll gather the receipt and original packing and return it back to the store for a store credit.  I've done that a few times when I've changed the scheme or design of a room and the item I bought (still in the original packing) will be returned.   I especially LOVE Target's 90-day return policy.  It's worked for my benefit many a times.  I will also return stuff for friends when they are to ashamed to return things.  I don't feel it's right if something doesn't work for your intended purpose that you should have to lose out on any money, especially if it can be resold.


Monday, January 28, 2013

2013-01-28 Fitness Monday:Motivation Board

The last few months my workouts have been pretty laid back, nothing really regular just an occasional jot on my elliptical or some body weight exercises like from the Bikini body Mommy Challenge, which only lasted a few weeks, before I realized that it was to much for me right now.  Though even with a lack of physical activity my eating habits have been moving toward making smarter choices, and only eating 3 meals each day with a snack if needed and my morning cup of coffee.

You wouldn't believe that by my lack of motivation tat a few months ago I was one of those people who lived for working out everyday, even when I was injured you couldn't get me to rest.  I would even wake up at 5:15am every morning to hit the gym, and even after buying my home I woke up at 6:30am to make sure I got my morning run in.  Honestly, it was still a struggle waking up and going to bed early, but I love the happy, strong, and confident person I was because of those choices.   I really miss her so I've been doing what I can to get her back and this  motivational wall has been helping me find her again.. 

Motivational Fitness Board

The kick start for the motivational wall came from this board and a blogger who decided to Run a Mile a Day from Thanksgiving to News Years so she could start the New Year off right.  Although there are many workouts that I've wanted to start, but either never do, or quite a few weeks into this one seemed a bit more my style.  With this it I was able to successfully create my own motivational wall after several times attempts.   Also, with it now several weeks into the New Years I decided I would run 1 mile a day until Valentines Day so I could feel a bit more fit on the big red day.

I used basic supplies I already had on hand; post it notes, index cards, green fabric that I covered on a bulletin board, a sharpie fine point pen, and a white board calendar that I had actually just purchased from a second hand store the other week that seemed perfect for this idea and I love how it came out.  In order to give the font a little more interest I doodled with the lettering and really liked how it turned out. 

I love this black white board that I found at a second hand store for $.99 and it works great with post-it notes slightly trimmed on the sides to fit the squares to mark each day and my total miles run.

The image above was a quote  Will you make this a great weekend by taking small steps to reach your goals, food, fitness, planning, anything I read while browsing though my news feed on facebook.  I can't remember if it was from Shape Magaizne or Runner's World and it inspired me to get up,so i added it to my board.

The following weekend I found this quote from Runner's Magazine on January 20 Believe you can do it. Think no other way but 'Yes you can.' The human body is capable of considerably more physical endurance than most of us realize. - Paul Reese 

January 18, Friday
A mile a day till Valentines Day.
It was F-in cold on Front St & so glad I ran 2nd on the way back - far more tolerable. Though I wasn't alone running this morning their was a guy running in shorts on the river side of Front.

WARM UP: 5 min walk & 2 min cool down (included in pace).  1.52mi. run in 18:27

January 19, Saturday
A Mile a Day - Day 2 completed. .
1.13mi. run in 11:34

January 20, Sunday
A Mile a Day day 3 complete.
1.53mi. run in 16:01

January 21, Monday
A Mile A Day completed Day 4.
Weather for run was crisp, but not windy & enjoyable.
1.07mi. run in 11:16

January 22, Tuesday
A Mile A Day Completed Day 5
1.06mi. run in 11:01

Thankful for my running ninja mask to block the wind chill, however my legs missed a layer. I thought my Lululemon wind pants would be fine, but nope not meant for this kind of day.

January 23, Wednesday
It was a a bit cold out this morning, so I opted for the Elliptical instead of my morning Run outside. I'm still counting it as part of my Run a Mile a Day so Day 6 complete. total Time: 22:35 / Strides: 3166 / Resistance: 5 / Incline: 7 / Calories: 231.5

January 24, Thursday
A Mile a Day Day 7 complete.

Elliptical Workout: 30 Minutes
Strides 4386 / Calories 325 / Resistance 5-6 / Incline 7

Also read pg 220-228 of my book while working out. Snippet from book to repeat to self: Don't indulge in something that's less healthy because it's around. That's not a good enough reason. pg 227.

Morning Run again thwarted by the snow, but it didn't keep me from my workout. I simple swapped my run for my elliptical again, though I would rather be outside running.

January 25, Friday
No workout

January 26, Saturday
I thought with the snow an elliptical workout would be best, however, on my way to Baltimore I saw 4 runners on Front Street which made me feel a bit guilty for now going outside for my run.

Elliptical: 31 minutes / 340 calories / 4700 strides / 5 resistance / 7 incline

January 27, Sunday
A Mile A Day completed day 10. Plus got to try out my new lululemon running hat that just arrived yesterday. Love it. Even ran an extra mile for missing my workout Friday. .
2.24mi. run in 24:43  

I was using Pinterst the other week to search for Running Inspiration to inspire me to get out of my lazy streak and secondly to find inspiring quotes to frame so that I can read them on a daily basis as I'm waking up to inspire me each day to wake up and chose healthy choices.   I've been slightly overwhelmed with items I would like to add, but have been trying to narrow them down.  

Sources for the quotes and images I want to use on my fitness wall: 

- The Best Way to Make Your Dreams Happen... Is to Wake Up  Tone It Up
- To Happiness  Shut up and Run
-  Keep Calm and Run Strong  Lazy Girl Running
- Keep Going 
   Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way
   I should go, for to you I entrust my life. Psalms 143:8 R-L Blesses Tumbler
- Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28
   {Dec 28, 2012 10:23 pm} R-L Blesses Tumbler
- Be the Girl you were to Lazy to be Yesterday Unknown Source

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paleo Delights 2013-01-27

French Toast and Sliced Apples

Yummy French toast which consist of sourdough bread, dash of cinnamon, dash of vanilla extract, and fructose {instead of brown sugar because I didn't have any} and 2 eggs with coffee & natural syrup.  This was actually only my weekend treat and during  the week I just had a veggie omelet. 

Summer Bean Salad  by Mom Machine
This recipe didn't take very long for to make, which I was glad for as it's always nice when your meal doesn't take long and it's tasty.  The chicken was only a few steps before it hit the grill.  The taste of the beans was a bit dry, but I think it's due to the chick peas.

Turkey burger w Spinach & butternut Squash
by The Lemon Bowl & Nutritious Eats

This was a super delicious burger with spinach, but the butternut squash didn't come out that well.  They were still pretty squashy even after baking for 40 minutes at 425 so I broiled them and then burned then instead.

New Meal Planning Layout
I made a few changes to my meal planner and I thought I would share them with you.  I know for me I dread meal planning each week, because it takes quite some time to figure out exactly what I want to eat.    For the longest time I would search for pretty printables or create something in word, but after a while none of them stuck until I bought a pretty single subject notebook at Target a few months back that I use each week. 

I used to plan 5 meals a day 3 full meals and 2 snacks, but since switching over to mostly Paleo I only eat 3 with coffee and maybe 1 snack, so I've changed up my menu planner to match up to my new way of eating.  Though there not major changes, but I like how clear it is now instead of a mash of a mess that it used to be.

Also, in the last few weeks I've been wanting to change up what I eat so I'm not eating the same steamed veggies for 7 days - so boring really.   I was fine with it for a long time, but I guess now I would like something a bit different so i divided my meals in the middle so I can plan for two different breakfast / lunch / dinner each week, so come the weekend I wont be scrounging for what to make, because I'm bored of my weekly meal.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013-01-22 January Cure w1 part 2

I know I should be on week 2 for the January Cure Project assignments, but I'm still catching up on week 1.  I've also tackled a few projects on my project list as you can see below.  My goal is to work on week 2, even if it's only a few days, as it still gets me closet to my end goal.

I crossed off and linked to this post all of the projects pictured below from my w1 recap so I have a running talley of what's done and what I will need to tackle next. let's get started with showing you all the projects I completed.  Whew, so glad they are done.

Organize the TV Stand

I had a slew of DVD's stuffed in the shelf and a project or two in waiting to be done, that after all was said and done I decided to nix's since I liked the baskets so much.  I had originally planned on using the spray adhesive {on the bottom right open shelf} to spray the white and tan poke-a-dot fabric  to add some color to the stand, but I think the green baskets fit rather well and add the green I wanted.  The baskets I found at Michael's Craft Store on the 16th when I was looking for cardboard letter, which I didn't find.

The paper laying onto was the inspiration photo for organizing the stand and is in the paper recycle now that the project is complete.  It came out better then I hoped. 

Hang the 2nd pair of IKEA curtains

I have only 1 pair of the Henny Rand curtain panels hanging in my living room for over 6 months now, but after taking the 2nd pair down from  my kitchen I thought ti would look nicer in the living to have a fuller curtain wall.  On the 16th I gathered the extra panels and placed them on the couch so that after work Thursday I would get it done.  so after about 15 minutes - gathering the tall ladder and removing the Finial's on each side and loosening the screw on the rail bracket I was able to add the 2nd panel to each side. 

Hang Live Love Bark

I had a plaque from TJ MAXX that's had a few homes, but none have really had the same impact that I want and a few weeks back I had added it to my extra stash of stuff pile of things that I liked and didn't want to get rid of, but had no place for it and now finally it has a home.  I love how it looks on the wall with a new plaque I found at Marshalls last Wednesday.  I also have a home, finally for my non-matching apron, but I love it anyways.

Find a Toilet Paper Holder
While at Marshall's I found a unique paper towel holder that I wanted to use to hold my extra toilet paper and I really like how it looks. 

Projects in Process:
Frame Art - I submitted some photos to the Walmart photo center to have printed and I'm waiting for them to come in the mail.  Once they come I'll see what looks best and then figure out what size frames I need to purchase at my next trip to IKEA.  

Dance Schedule Art Print - I printed off the dance schedule, but need to figure out how I want to go about.  

Art above Bed - I did try a few wrapping paper examples on the wall, but haven't been able to find a layout that I like.  I did find two quotes that I liked that I hope to make a black and white word art with.

Sell IKEA Wardrobe - I posted on Craigslist and 01/20

Hang Family Photos - I started a small bin on the dining table to put photos that I come across.

Entry Table - I moved my IKEA TV stand that I was using at the end of my bed to the entry for a drop table and so far I like it there.  I'm on the lookout for tapered wood legs to add 12" height to it.

3/4 Bath - I found a frame that I want & a phrase Hey Good Looking

Monday, January 21, 2013

2013-01-21 Fitness Monday: New Clothes

I've not been wanting to wear any of my gear, as most of it's 2-4 years old and really needs to be revamped so on the 6th I headed to Marshall's to see what cute and inspiring outfits I could find to help me get back to my workouts.

I couldn't believe that I was there for several hours - to many that I lost count - and tried on 32+ pieces that's 3 trips and lots of hangers in my cart.  Though there was a woman in her 30's who had almost as much as I did.   I chatted with the clothing attendant a bit as well who had recently moved to the area with her husband and kids.  Although, once everything had been tried on I again brought back all of my yes & maybe's back to the dressing room and tried them on again to pick my favorites and even that total just over $100. 

I also enjoyed reading this short post from ROO Magazine, 4 ways to renew your workout, which listed buying new workout clothes as #4) Get new gear!

It really is refreshing having a few new pieces my favorite outfit I didn't snap a shot of while at the store, but hopefully I can add one soon and on the 18th I signed up with   You can read more about it at either at or check out these bloggers reviews Freckleberry Finds / The Photographer's Wife / Living Smart Girl / Some Day's OffThe Gift Blog / And Twins Make 5.  I'm still  anxiously awaiting my package.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013-01-20 Paleo Delights

Scrumptious Pineapple Scramble by Whole Family Strong
This is a repeat from 2012-01-06 Paleo Delights & My New Planner
Just an FYI without the fresh pineapple this isn't as tasty.  

Cafe Zupas Nuts about Berries Salad by The Pretty Life Anonymous
I love how this photo came out so clean & Crisps and totally inviting even for a salad.   I love Brianna's Rich Poppy Dressing and it added just the right amount of sweetness to compliment the strawberries and raspberries.  I also diced up romaine, spinach & cucumbers then added some cherry tomatoes.

Roasted Vegetables by Undressed Skeleton and Rotisserie Chicken
This meal was pretty much one of the those garbage meals as I used up all my extra veggies that were left over from last week's meals and then added some fresh squash that I picked up at the store for this.  I also cheated and bought rotisserie chicken from the store so it was one less thing to cook and mess with.  I just had to debone it,which really didn't take that much effort. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{60 minute} GID mini projects

Shower Caddy
I've spent the last few months dealing with the annoyance of my shower essentials having to be stored on my IKEA stool that was intended for when I shave my legs, however, it's been difficult with everything stashed on top and a lot of the times my larger bottles fall.  I've tried a few options, but none of them have worked until my 3rd try.  It would have been an easy fix if I didn't love having my drop down shower head.  It really helps since my shower is pretty small, but the metal cord isn't very flexible and doesn't work with shower caddies that hang from the shower head.  Which is a huge bummer since I found an amazing shower caddy with a vintage vibe for only $16 from Marshall's,  but it had to be returned. 

Next was this vertical shower caddy from Target that was a whopping $26.  I thought it would look nicer for the price, but it still looked cheap and I couldn't get it to stand up straight.   I tried to tighten it, but it was to short without the extra extension piece and about a foot to tall with it.  Plus, the base of my shower is a bit wonky so now it's packed back in the box and awaiting my next trip to Target to go back.  

After this fail it hit me that I should have just bought 2 more of the clear shower suction caddies that I've been using already.  It's fantastic and suctions to my glass wall like super glue so I purchased 2 more and they are working fanatically. 

Clean Paint Brushes
After some procrastination I finally tried this DIY I found on Pinterest, however, I really didn't find that it helped any bit as the brushes looked like this before, during and after.  I even let it sit for longer than 30 minutes. 

Clean Paint Brushes
  1. Buy White Distilled Vinegar Add to bucket
  2. Pour Hot water in with Distilled Vinegar.
  3. Add paint brushes to bucket
  4. Let sit for 30 minutes

Freshen Your Sink Drain

Freshen Kitchen Sink Drain
  1. Buy Baking Soda {1 TB}
  2. Buy White Distilled Vinegar {1/4 cup}
  3. Mix ingredients and pour over drain
  4. Let bubble and spray clean

December Items Donated:
Another pile of items that headed out the door for someone else to enjoy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Cure w1

Welcome to my GID for January which will consist of the assignments for the 2013 January Cure from Apartment Therapy.  It's taken from the book The 8-Step Home Cure, by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan who founded Apartment Therapy.  

Were already three weeks into the New Year and I've been working diligently on my tasks, though I still have a few that are unfinished, but it's about small maintainable and attainable steps to help you clear out the clutter and free yourself of things you really don't need.  I also appreciate that some of the contributors on Apartment Therapy are joining along and I like reading how their progress is coming along.

Day 1: Make a Project List  Download available of the full schedule.

+ Hang New Wall Art - Choose a better layout
+ Remove price tag off of mirror
+ Sell IKEA Wardrobe
+ Replace Wardrobe with IKEA TJUSIG coat rack
+ DIY Tray with stones for shoes

Living Room:
+ Hang New Wall Art - Choose a better layout
+ Organize TV Stand
+ Find a new Bin for Bain's toys
+ Hang the 2nd pair of IKEA curtains
+ Sell Rocker {02/08/13}
+ Sell Wood Coffee Table {02/08/13}

Dining Room:
+ New Lighting Fixture
+ Put Danish Dining Table back up
+ Triangle mcm stencil on back wall to create a focal point
+ Eliminate the need for 2 bookshelves - downsize
    Sold Brown one on 02/08/13 / moving other to 3rd floor for Linen Storage

+ Buy 2 LACK Wall Shelving Units From IKEA

+ Hang Family Photos
   1/19 I started a small bin so as I find family photos they will all be in one location.
+ Paint walls Vapor by Martha Stewart

1/2 Bath:
+ Hang 1 Art Piece
+ Add Insulated Curtains
+ Buy a Towel Rod
+ Buy TP Holder
+ Buy shelf for under mirror
+ Replace Mirror
+ Buy a new Rug
+ Repaint Walls Martha Stewart Vapor or Nimbus Cloud

+ Paint Walls Endive By Martha Stewart
+ Entry Art  {completed 1/16}
+ Hang Live, Love, Bark plaque above door  {completed 1/16}
+ Sell Island
+ Menu Wall
+ DIY Hand Soap

+ Dance Wall - print photos and trim to fit frames {1/18 ordered prints from Walmart}
+ Dance Wall - find quote for wall
+ Dance Wall - Create poster of dance weekly schedule
+ Search for a mcm slat bench for the foot of the bed

+ Move IKEA TV stand to living room

+ Find an Art Deco style mirror for my dressing table {1/24}
+ Fridge: find way to disguise
+ Art Above bed
+ Art on window wall to inspire me to wake up
+ New Headboard

Office/Guest Room / Home Gym:
+ Move IKEA Bookshelf from Dining to use for Temporary Linen Storage
+ Find a MCM Desk
+ Move Bookshelf to add books/dvd/cd listed on Amazon

3/4 Bath:
+ Paint Chevron Pattern on towel rod wall Martha Stewart Popcorn
+ Install new Towel hook
+ Paint walls Sea Glass by Martha Stewart
+ Art
+ Install medicine cabinet above toilet
+ Find a TP holder for extra rolls 

+ set up new bench from Home Depot (as of 03/23 it's been taken to the basement)
+ Add new stand for Toiletries  {completed 1/16}
+ Find or Build Shelving
+ purge items not using

Day 2: Set up Your Outbox
This is located in-between my window's in the Living Room

Day 3: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Floors, Green Cleaners & Outbox
+ Buy Flowers.
This I didn't do, as I just threw out my Christmas Flowers from my boss and would rather invest in a green potted plant.  I'm debating between these so far:

+  Vacuum the Rugs and Mop/Dry Mop the Floors.
I did vacuum the Living Room, my bedroom, but the hallway and my office still needs to be done.  I also do need to mop all the bathrooms (3), and the Kitchen.

01/19/13 I finally swept and mopped the 3/4 bath on the 3rd floor.

+ Stock Up on Good Green Cleaners. 
 My roommate has a ton of cleaning supplies and she's not going to let me throw them out, so well be using what we have and then I plan to make simple household green cleaners to use then.

+ Use Your Outbox as You Go.
I have placed a few items in the outbox.

Day 4: Get a Fresh Perspective in just 10 Minutes
I decided a view from the top of my stairs would be a good perspective to try.  Plus, I love that I can see the main floor, though not so good as it looks pretty crowded with all the furniture we have up.

finally added 2013-02-05

Day 5: Select One Project from Your List to Complete this Month
+ Add new stand for Toiletries

+ I chose this shelf that I purchased at a second hand store within the last year and it's been used for several different rooms, but now I think it will work even as a temporary storage item for the extra Toiletries until I can have some built in made. Plus, the basement gets pretty dusty since it's unfinished so it will be easy to wipe off. 

+ I also want to post the IKEA Wardrobe so that  can have that space opened. and then hopefully head to the 2nd hand furniture store a few blocks away and see if they still have these mcm stools for a steal at $15 so I can take the legs and attached them to my IKEA TV stand that I want to use for my entry table.  

Day 6: Choose a Piece of Art Work & Get Going on Hanging It.
+ I have a bicycle quote print {living room} I ordered from Etsy a while back, but it has yet to be framed, because it doesn't fit into any of the frames I own and it needs to be rematted.  I think what will end up happening is that I'll purchase some green felt {for added color} to make a matte with and use a frame I already have.

+ Plus, I also have a copper frame {bedroom} that I purchased from a second hand store, that I would like to hang, but the wire is set for horizontal so I need to get a screw driver to swap out the wire to fit it vertically, then create a poster board with the quote: the best way to make your dreams happen is to Wake Up.

My hope is to accomplish both projects in the next week.  First step is to just go to the craft store.

Day 7: Get Your Get-Together Together - Date, Guests, Invites
The main objective of this clean out is to get your home ready for dinner party, so this is something I still need to put together.

01/18 decided that I want to have a pancake and mimosa brunch

Feel free to join along during any part of the serious, especially if you want to prepare for a dinner party.  This will definitely help get you get to that point.  Also, you can read about Sweet Suite 10, a blogger that I follow, and her progress on the January Cure.

Monday, January 14, 2013

For the Love of San Diego

I just felt like reminiscing on a happy a time in my life and adding a few photos to remember being with my best friend in San Diego and dreaming of when I'll be able to go back. 
September 12 to 26, 2012 Trip to San Diego to visit my best friend.
My best friend and I getting ready for an evening out.

Her quaint apartment complex

Week 1:
Breakfast, egg scramble with sundried tomatoes, crushed red peppers, and cumin.

* 13th Beach Day + 4 mile run along the beach
* 13th Walk to Sprouts
* 14-16 SFLX - San Francisco Lindy Exchange

pre-dance primping

* 15th Castro Coffee Company {delicious coffee & good humored service}
* 16th Shopping day in San Francisco

We saw this shirt at a consignment shop and both tried it on as you can see I ended up with up and am so thankful, I LOVE this shirt!  Its become my most favorite shirt and I wish I had a few more like it for dancing.

A art print that I was interested in at a local shop.  
A Ferris Wheel at a shopping mall in LA.

* 16th Dinner with Angela at a Thai Restaurant
* 17th Brunch and Coffee with Michelle's Uncle
* 17th Danced at the Madonna Inn in S.L.O.
* 18th Alma Rosa Vineyard - Winery

These were my two of my preferred wines at Alma Rosa.

* 18th Solvang town & Brewing Company
The whole town looked just like these buildings.  Very quaint and very touristy.

I very much wanted to take this purse home, but even at 50% off it was still a $60 purse in a touristy town, which meant I knew it was overpriced anyways.  Though i still think about this purse and the beautiful Kelly green.

Their sampling mat.  We each chose 3 samples; my first choice, Seasonal Fruit Harvest, was a favorite among the group.

Week 2:
Old Fashioned Organic Oatmeal w strawberries, cinnamon, brown sugar, & apples.

* 19th Danced at the Firehouse, San Diego
* 19th Walked to Sprouts
* 20th Carl took me out dancing at 2 venues
* 21 - 23rd Ultimate Blues Dance Weekend - Festival
* 21st 4 mile run downtown Hillcrest
* 21st dinner at Fig Tree Cafe
* 21st dinner after the dance {Japanese Restaurant}
* 22nd PB Farmers market & Blue's Festival

Really delicious avocado honey at Pacific Beach Farmers Market

* 23rd Yoga on the Beach + movie night
* 24th 4 mile run downtown Hillcrest
* 24th Movie {Lucky One} & Dinner with Telly & Turquoise
* 24th CD release party
* 25th Lunch with Michelle & Telly. Walk to Balboa park with Telly

Dinner at Philly Cheese Steak restaurant.
* Danced at Henry's Pub to the Stilettos