Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013-01-09 Christmas turned makeover

We've been wanting to move the Sectional in the Living Room for a few days now, because it sits right over one of our main vents and it's been super chilly in their lately and thought it we moved it the warm air would be able to circulate in the room better

I had thought it would be a quick process, however, it took several hours and turned into a Makeover for my Living and Dining Room.  It looks totally different and even with more furniture in the room I had room to set up a dining table again. I also didn't take any before photos, because I wasn't expecting to do a complete makeover.

The Living Room
I took some new photos Wednesday morning so I could use natural lighting, but wished I would have left the curtains closed, for a better look.  Though not sure how much light would have flooded in with the curtains closed either.

Previously, the sectional was an "L" shape against the wall along my dining table you see there perched up against the wall. I'm trying to sell the Dining Room table only becasue it's to small for my space so hopefully it wont be propped up against the wall to much longer.  next to the orange vacuum.  The TV was in between the windows and Bain's doggy bed is still in the same location {it's the shiny white puff you see at the end of the sectional.}  The Yellow circle bin is for Bain's toys and the box to the left  is my new pile to donate.

I'm very thrilled {minus the glare on the art} at how well this photo came out.  You can see my favorite piece, the sewing chair, and my rattan star-burst mirror that I scored at a Salvation Army a month or so back for $15.   The clock is from, however, it's no longer available.

I loved how simple and clutter free my entry way is again.  I found a matching pair of round mcm end tables at our local thrift store at a 50% off day so they were only $2.50, along with the mcm style table lamp for $4.  The chicken I found at TJ MAXX, I'm not really a fan, but I thought it was really cute.  And I especially love my milk glass vase that I use to put stash my keys.    You can only see Bain's toy bin clear and bed. 

The Dining Room
I did take a few photos of the dining room, but most of them didn't come out, so I'll have to try taking some new shots. Maybe this weekend when I can have some natural light and add them to the post.

Here are a few shots that came out nicely.  The other's were just to dark and grainy. 
Here are a few  accessories I have ontop of my table and some cookbooks and recipe box that I have on one of my bookshelves.

I also moved Bain's doggy bowl and food to the dining since the kitchen is a bit cramped.  Now I can have all of his food and treats on one shelf.  This makes it very convenient.

I have a few modifications that I want to make to the room and maybe even swap out our tall IKEA Wardrobe for this IKEA Hack Project.

Here are some before photos of a previous layout change I did a month or so prior.

Living Room Before

The bookshelf was moved into the dining room on the right of the mirror, however, I wished I would have put it on the left side.  We use that shelf more often and it's a bit tight between the table and elliptical now.   Though I do hope to eliminate the bookshelves at some point for some open shelving

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