Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paleo Delights 2013-01-27

French Toast and Sliced Apples

Yummy French toast which consist of sourdough bread, dash of cinnamon, dash of vanilla extract, and fructose {instead of brown sugar because I didn't have any} and 2 eggs with coffee & natural syrup.  This was actually only my weekend treat and during  the week I just had a veggie omelet. 

Summer Bean Salad  by Mom Machine
This recipe didn't take very long for to make, which I was glad for as it's always nice when your meal doesn't take long and it's tasty.  The chicken was only a few steps before it hit the grill.  The taste of the beans was a bit dry, but I think it's due to the chick peas.

Turkey burger w Spinach & butternut Squash
by The Lemon Bowl & Nutritious Eats

This was a super delicious burger with spinach, but the butternut squash didn't come out that well.  They were still pretty squashy even after baking for 40 minutes at 425 so I broiled them and then burned then instead.

New Meal Planning Layout
I made a few changes to my meal planner and I thought I would share them with you.  I know for me I dread meal planning each week, because it takes quite some time to figure out exactly what I want to eat.    For the longest time I would search for pretty printables or create something in word, but after a while none of them stuck until I bought a pretty single subject notebook at Target a few months back that I use each week. 

I used to plan 5 meals a day 3 full meals and 2 snacks, but since switching over to mostly Paleo I only eat 3 with coffee and maybe 1 snack, so I've changed up my menu planner to match up to my new way of eating.  Though there not major changes, but I like how clear it is now instead of a mash of a mess that it used to be.

Also, in the last few weeks I've been wanting to change up what I eat so I'm not eating the same steamed veggies for 7 days - so boring really.   I was fine with it for a long time, but I guess now I would like something a bit different so i divided my meals in the middle so I can plan for two different breakfast / lunch / dinner each week, so come the weekend I wont be scrounging for what to make, because I'm bored of my weekly meal.

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