Wednesday, February 27, 2013

3013-02-27 GID: Home to do updates

For being sick this last week I've made some good progress with the house, and if you follow me on instagram then you've seen a glimpse into my progress.  It's been fun getting some of these little projects done that I've been procrastinating because I'm really not crafty or real great with any power tool other than my power drill.  

My mom had brought home a Wardrobe for us to use in the living room, but it was just way to obtrusive into my entry way and there was no other place to put it.  I decided to use it for a while, but when we started to post more items onto craigslist she agreed to put this up.  We ended up lowering the price & re-listing the ad each time in the few weeks (always deleting the old one, such a pet peeve to see duplicate ads).  I was glad to get what we did since 2 sellers in Baltimore were selling the same on for half of what I got out of it and the two ladies who bought it were delighted to get it.  I think as delighted as I was to see it gone when I got home.  

What's even better is the IKEA TJUSIG Hat and coat stand that I was going to replace it with I scored on the 9th from a person in Camp Hill who was selling the white and silver one for $20, that's a $30 savings from the original price and it was in new condition and all put together. 

My inspiration for this project came from a pinterest search for Scandinavian wall art.   More to come in a post soon.

Can you believe it I not only committed to a color for my kitchen, but I actually started painting it!!!  With all the priming and prepping I had to do I only managed to complete this side of the kitchen, but more to come with Martha Stewart saves the day part 2

I found this curtain pair at Marshall's Wednesday while out and about and had planned on hanging it in my living room, however, it was a food to short, but turned out to go very well in my kitchen.  I grabbed my Home Depot curtain rod that I've been storing for my bedroom, but had recently decided not to use for, and attempted to install it on the wall.  I like the look, not in love with it.  I still really want it for my living room, but for now this is the home where it will reside. 

I had bought these pretty curtains from Marshals and I thought they would look amazing in my living room, well once the walls are repainted, but they turned out to be a food to short for the space.  Plus, in order for them to look amazing I would need 2 panels for each window, and they only had 1 set available.  I ended up putting the current curtains back up, and moved the new curtains to the kitchen, as shown in the photo above. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013-02-20 GID: Martha Saves the day p1

Master Spa Reveal

My Master Suite has been in a state of blah since I moved in last year and my design inspiration has been zilch.  When I first moved in I thought that purple would be a good color, but after painting a sample patch on the wall I decided to pass.  since then that purple patch has been driving me crazy and I've been wanting to paint to cover it.

As you can see everything is a bit crowded here and the cords to the radio are unsightly.  I dislike the lighting above and the unpractical, but pretty tilted mirror. 

I did manage to score an art deco inspired paper towel holder from Marshall's for under $10 to used to hold my tp.  I wasn't sure if the roll would fit over the triangle top, but it's a perfect fit and works wonderfully. I also found a pretty mint quilting square that I ironed and mounted in the frame above the toilet. 

The towel rod was just unpractical for my 2 towel use each day and it ended up just having things draped over it so I took 3-tier towel rack my mom hadn't been using that worked for a while, but really just took up to much space.

A few months ago, I started to narrow my color search to mint, but I was still hesitant on a specific shade or brand until I found a room inspiration from  Kristen and Mike's Mid-Century Oasis Home Tour on Apartment Therapy.  I feel in love with their dining room color Araucana Teal (flat) by Martha Stewart and there launched an easier way to choose my color scheme.  

At my next trip to Home Depot I checked out their paint swatches and found a happy point with the Araucana Teal family and left with several swatches to think about, including Sea Grass and Popcorn which are going to make up my new spa chic master suite.

Two weeks after that trip I headed back to Home Depot to return some supplies from my basement project that I had yet to start and left spending my return + some to get a gallon of Sea Glass, Endive, & Kilz Primer.

It took several hours to even be ready to paint the bathroom, since every time I had to head back downstairs to gather some supply I missed I would be distracted by cleaning something or checking my email since were trying to keep open for email inquiries from our craigslist ad since most people tend to set visits during the week.  I was sure I had gathered all my supplies the other day when I was in the basement, but around 2pm when I started the prep work I realized I had missed a few supplies like my paint extension stick, an 8' ladder so I could tape the ceiling, and hardware to hang my towel rails.  Let's just say I got my exercise that day going up and down 3 flights of stairs and finally around 6pm I got around to actually painting.

Since my plan is to sell the overhead lighting I didn't fuss to much with painting near the light since once it is removed I could easily paint over the whole area.  So for the time being I just wrapped the fixture in 2 plastic bags to keep from having any paint mishaps.  I hope to replace them with a pair of IKEA SAVERN Wall Lamps or something similar.  Once the room was painted I found myself really liking the current fixure, so I may just give it more time before making any changes to the lighting. 

I was also glad to finally install the Grundtal Towel rail I had purchased 6+ months ago from IKEA and I love how it looks.  I actually fell in love with my master suite when I saw the color on the wall and I just love how everything turned out.  I never would have dreamed this bathroom would look this beautiful.

IKEA bench that contains my morning toiletries.

I had purchased this frame to actually frame quote art on the towel wall, but I had gotten the idea to frame the clock and when I tested it really liked how it looked; almost like a flower or sunbeam.    

Love, love, love my Starbucks coffee cup I found 2nd hand for only $0.50 and it fits well with my decor and design style for the bathroom.  It holds my coets (aka flat cotton balls I use for my toner).  I purchased the acrylic turntable at Target for $12. 

It's so nice to finally have the Grundtal installed and I love how it looks against the green.  It's also perfect to hang my hair and body towel and I don't have to reach far after my shower.

The towel rod has knobs behind the rail, so you can either hang a single towel or 4 towels with ribbon hooks, but it fits my deodorant well and now I have easy access after my shower.  Though once I install a mirrored medicine cabinet above the sink the deodorant will go in there.  
I like how the gold flower shelf looks against the green and it holds a lovely photography of a white horse that I found online.  At some point my veneer birch cabinet will go there, but that will have to wait until the budget allows. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{60 minute} Supporting the Bed

I love my new bed set, but have been having some issues with the railing support system since I'm minus an actual box-spring.  The original railing system was a j-clamp wood rail with 3 L-brackets on evenly spaced to hold a box-spring, which wasn't feasible with my mattress.

The store owner is always pleasant and was kind enough to help me chose the railing above as an alternative, however, even with the 2" rail brace & the 1x3 planks that were 2" shorter then the width of the railing I felt as if the mattress was going to fall to the floor.   

The following Saturday I headed over to the second hand store to check out what other railings he had available and also to see what new furniture pieces have arrived since my last visit.  I did find a few railings options available, but one that struck my interest.  I wasn't sure if I would gain the courage to ask the owner if he would be willing to swap out the railings again in hopes that this one would be the last, and I am glad I did.

The store had 5 minutes till close and I had thought that I would come back in a few days to swap it out, but once I got into the car I swiftly changed my mind and headed home to grab the railing and within a few minutes I was back at the store with railing in hand and I left very happy with my new railing. 

Once I had the new bed rails I headed back to the house and connected them to the bed and was so glad that they slide right into the frame notches, especially since the last rails were a bit of a fight to connect.  Once that was done I remeasured to make sure that the width didn't change and headed to Home Depot to pick up new planks to fit the 2" width difference with the new bed frame.

I had originally planned to just pick up a few 1x3 planks and had a different plan then what I ended up with, which was basically the same deal I had prior, but a bit more costly.  The Lumber guy at Home Depot leaded me toward 1x6 planks instead of the 1x3, which would give more support and a 2x2 cut into 10 pieces to put under the planks for additional support across the bed.  The planks cost about $25 and the adjustable screws almost $20, which I though was a bit excessive so the screws went back.

At my next Home Depot trip I returned the expensive hardware and purchased a $3 pack of wood screws which I figured would service the same purpose only cheaper. 

Here are all the tools that I needed to put the frame support together.  The 2x2 strips were originally cut in 8-1/4" height, but turned out to be to tall.  We remeasured and it was 7-1/4 so we had them trimmed down but when I went to install them they turned out to be a half inch to short so this is where the furniture pads came into play; they gave me a bit more height which worked well.  I used my 9/16" drill bit to drill a few starting holes.

I forgot to mention and photography the velcro that I used to attach the planks to the railing so they wouldn't move.  It cost $3 for 2-4"  strips that I cut in half so I could stretch the velcro a bit.  The middle two planks didn't get any velcro.  The next velcro option was $10 and gave me more then I needed so that's why I chose not to velcro the middle two.

My drill wasn't strong enough to push the wood screws all the way in so I used the screwdriver to turn the screw while turning the foot the opposite.  I drilled right in my bedroom and used my shark vac to clean up the mess.  I installed 6 legs all together; 2 at the headboard, the footboard and in the middle.  I added 1-2 furniture pads under each leg depending on the height needed.  Once this was done, which took maybe a half hour we put the mattress back on the frame.

What do you think of my new boxspring?  I know I'm sleeping sounder and secure.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

January cure w4

Day 19: Catch up and take a Photo
I haven't had a change to take another photo and finally yesterday I activated my iphone, which I'm hoping will allow me to take better photos.  Though you wouldn't recognize how neat and open my main floor is looking since we've sold so much furniture this week.  Yeah, Craigslist!  We still have quite a few small pieces to post and move either to the basement or the 3rd floor office so we can find them when they sell and my IKEA Wardrobe that's being used as a coat closet in the living room.  I bought a coat rack Saturday and saved $30 buying it now instead of when we sell the wardrobe and it's the same one I wanted.  Yeah again Craigslist.  

 child's vintage rocker

Hopefully, the wardrobe will be leaving this week.  I have a buyer coming Friday to take a look and if it goes that leaves my child's rocker and one-arm sofa left on the main floor of furniture that were selling.  There are a few pieces scattered throughout the house well be posting to, plus some household items and I still need to move the bookshelf from the dining room (1st floor) to the office / guest room on the 3rd floor, but I'll need help with that. 

Day 20: Hang Your Artwork
I combined this green frame, a black and white floral fabric square and a BIKE print that I purchased off etsy last year that had been meant for my living room, however, it's looking pretty good above my bed.  The image looks better in person, my camera phone didn't do real well at capturing how nice it looks.  

It's nice to finally see the BIKE print up, as it's been sitting up in my guest room basically since I bought it since I wasn't able to find a frame for it until now.

I'm really excited about this photo.  It's of a dance friend of mine and myself dancing at a Swing Dance in Pottstown from December.  Another dance friend photographer took the photo and he was nice enough to send the picture to me so I could have it printed and framed.   It took a few weeks once he sent me the photo to actually forward the print to walmart's online print orders and another two weeks before I was able to pick it up.  I had paid for it to be mailed, but I didn't realize I hadn't finished the order and it never went through.  They were supposed to arrive around the 23rd of January, but never showed up so I had to reorder them and picked them up at the store.  

I love this photo, and that I now have this and one other photo of me doing the one thing I love, dancing.  It's being added to my dance wall and is framed in an IKEA RIBBA high gloss white frame.  I'm actually planning on swapping out all my art frames in my bedroom for this style.  I really love how the white goes softly against the LemonTwist by Benjamin Moore walls and is very much preferred over the black, which I really had liked.

Day 21:  Speedy Spruce up and Surface Clean
Last Friday and Saturday I spent several hours sprucing up the sofa and cleaning up all the odds and ends that were left from selling our furniture and trying to either donate the leftovers or find a new home for them. 

Day 22:  Shop for the Get Together Goodies 
I've not planed the get together yet.  

Day 23:  Weekend Chores: Pat Yourself on the back, Relax, and Celebrate
Definitely, cleaned out this weekend and also painted my 3rd floor 3/4 bath on Sunday {post to come on the 20th}

Monday, February 11, 2013

2013-02-11 Fitness Monday pv body

 Sadly the only run / exercise I got this past week was an 3 mile run on Wednesday.  I had training Wednesday and Thursday so I was out of work early and Wednesday the weather was perfect and beckoning me to run so I did, and 3 miles to.  It was a pretty amazing run, especially since my average mile was 10:10, which is a PR for me.  Usually my mile average is 10:28, so I'm very happy with the day.  The day overall was pretty productive as after my run I made omelets for the next 3 days and finished the support for my bed {the post will be active on the 12th}.

I am pretty excited that my PV.BODY package FINALLY came.  I ordered it way back in mid January and it finally arrived on the 8th of February.  Way to long, seriously.

I was excited when I saw the pieces, and I love love love the colors of the top and the racer back.  They hit it right on the nail.  The capris's are part of their new collection Ellie.  I loved the material and how they looked from a distance, but up close you could see my jelly roll and that just isn't flattering.  I did try the shirt with another pair of my running pants and it was a much better look, and that's when I knew the capri's sadly would have to be returned.  If I were a size smaller I would have been fine, but again my size 14 spoils my fun again.

 absolutely love this racer top, the color, the fit, and the racer back.

Here is where I switched out the pants for a pair of mine.  It made a world of difference and I'm super glad, because I was bummed thinking I was going to have to return both the top and bottoms.

You can barely see it, but with the capri's and the racer top you can see that the pants give me a belly roll.  It was really unflattering, though really if my belly was a bit flatter then this wouldn't have been an issue.

I am very sad to have to return these pants, but it's just incentive to lose the weight I know I need to in order to wear the pants they send me next time.

Did anyone decide to sign up for pv.body?  If so, what are your thoughts?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013-02-10 Paleo Delights

Chicken Caprese Salad   The Kitchen Table - The Eat-Clean Diet®
I love how simple and yummy this recipe is. Marinate the chicken in balsamic, olive oil and oregano, cook and cut. the toppings was even easier; cut tomatoes, mix with olive oil and garlic. Then drizzle lemon poppy dressing.   The Lemon Poppy dressing is store bought and not Paleo, and neither is the banana bread I had on the side.

Balsamic Chicken & Roasted Mushrooms  
Maggies Bites & Dinners & Dreams

The Balsamic Chicken would have been good, however, I decided to use a whole jumbo garlic head and that mixed with the black pepper caused some major fire burning in my mouth.  In order to tame it down I used this chicken in with the Chicken Caprese Salad, which aided in taming down the spiciness.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013-02-06 GID January Cure Updates

Since the January Cure began I've been working hard on little and big projects and thankfully, finally crossing off house to do's off my list.  My main floor is looking pretty amazing right now and is actually presentable for guest.  I had thought I would throw a Mimosa and Pancakes brunch for my gathering, but with still so much to do I've decided to keep it small and just have an old friend over for dinner instead.  I plan to still host the Mimosa party, but after I've repainted the first level and hopefully by then I'll have sold my one-arm sofa and IKEA Adobode Wardrobe {using for coat storage} and replaced them with an IKEA TJUSIG coat rack and IKEA Strandmon Wing Back Chair.



Lately, my mind has been going in lots of design directions for my bedroom, kitchen and office/guest bath and I've got lots of index cards with ideas that are ready to be implemented.  Last weekend I headed to JoAnn Fabrics and gathered a few supplies, but will need to revisit and swap out a few items in order to finish.

Here are a few index designs I'm working on:

I'm really loving this design and that it inspires me to wake up in the morning.  I had originally thought to spell out WAKE UP, then went to MORNING, and am now set on RISE & SHINE.  Once the letters have been wrapped in yarn and spray painted the gallery will be added in between my windows.  The current gallery wall will be taken down that I had added in my last bedroom redesign, but didn't have any particular meaning. The mirror is one I purchased second hand and plan to paint the cream plastic floral frame white to match my RIBBA IKEA high gloss white frame.  It's also a nice symbol for the sun. 

I have a beautiful heavy duty copper frame that's 24x36 that has an ordinary print that I'm not a fan of, but I love the frame. I've been on a debate on what to do with this, but now plan to hang it to the left of my bed with the quote from Paul Reese Believe You can do it, Think no other way, but "Yes You Can." The Human Body is Capable of considerably more physical endurance then most of us can believe. I really love this quote and hope to read it everyday as a reminder that I can be more and do more then I think I can. The art print I plan to spray paint white and then use stencils to paint the letters on.

I purchased a gallon of the Sea Glass {minty green} for my guest bath and the Endive {celery green} for my kitchen as well as a KILLZ primer to paint over the California surfer blue that's currently on the wall.  I also purchased sample of the nimbus cloud {grey} to see if I want it on more than one wall.  I'm pretty excited for the colors and look forward to seeing the new colors on my wall.  The plan is to tackle that this Saturday and forgo my trip to IKEA.  I figure it would be best to go when I can also Purchase the Wing Back Chair - once the sofa and IKEA wardrobe is sold. 

October 22, 2013 update
I have since decided not to do the rise and shine cardboard letter art nor the copper frame art, but I did spray paint the flower mirror and am using it above my dresser as part of my make up station.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013-02-05 January Cure w3

Day 15: Exercise a little Cord Control
Our cell phone cords are the main cords I would love to be able to tame.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to make them not seem so obnoxious?  The TV cords on the main floor are our second problem area.  We did have our contractor split our cable connection in the living room so we could keep the old cable connection, but also have a connection on the wall where we currently have the TV and it's so nice not seeing the cord.  The rest of the house the cords are very minimal so I'm not to concerned with those. 

Day 16: Give your Bathroom and Medicine Cabinet a Clean out
My bathroom is actually pretty sparse since I don't really have anything to store what i use on.  I currently have a very small bookshelf that's only 6" wide to hold what doesn't fit on my sink.  I do have a medicine cabinet that I plan to have installed over the toilet once I paint.   Although, our bathroom / laundry room, which currently is my mom's bathroom is a total disaster.  You would never have known that I did help her clean it out.  I don't understand how one person can have so much stuff.

I have finally decided on paint colors for the bathroom to and I'm pretty excited to start, especially since once the wall is painted I can hang up the towel rod, medicine cabinet and art piece.  Then once I have more funds I can swap out the lighting and mirror.

The main color will be Sea Glass by Martha Steward and the Chevron pattern I plan to paint Popcorn by Martha Stewart.  I will most likely repaint the trim to

Day 17: Looking at Living Room Lighting
We currency have 3 light sources for the living room, the ceiling fan light,  a table lamp when your first enter, and a natural light floor lamp that we use for reading.  We use the table lamp most as it allows some light into the room for TV viewing and then the floor lamp is behind the sofa ready to be turned on when we want to use the computer or read.  The ceiling fixture is rarely used as it's very bright and not usually needed. 

We do have small windows in the living on the same wall as the door, which allows some natural light in, but living in the city we don't tend to open the curtains much.  The curtains are wonderful for privacy, but also allow some light to reflect into the room

Even with all these lights it still seems a bit dull in the room and I will definitely be on the search for a more mcm floor lamp to put in the back corner. 

Day 18: Weekend Chores Flowers, Living Room & Empty your Outbox
There is still much cleaning out of furniture needed before I do a deep clean of the living room and possibly a new paint color for my focal point wall in the dining room.  Like selling my IKEA Anadobe wardrobe, IKEA TV stand and a tall 70s style bookcase

We did take two 2x3 boxes of stuff out of the house and we have a 2' pile up of books that will be going to the goodwill once they are written up. 
Plus, on Sunday February 3rd we donated  this box of books to the Goodwill.  The two vintage suitcases I am giving to a friend of mine who also collects vintage items.

2013-02-03 Paleo Delights

I feel a bit silly today {Monday} since after going to review my post and seeing nothing, but my signature. Oops. I was so busy this weekend focusing on some craft and my bed project that I totally forgot to add my delights for the week. So I decided to take the post down so I could make the much needed additions of the interesting dishes I made last week.

Healthy Breakfast: by Michele Foley
This breakfast was surprising filling and delicious and only took 2 minutes to prepare.  I used my tupperware with 3 dividers and had enough to make for 3 mornings.  The cottage cheese lactaid freeand tomatoes I put in their own section and the cucumber and avocado I added to the same and when I was ready to eat my breakfast I mixed everything together.    This will definitely be a breakfast I'll be using again on my menu. 

Zesty Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad  by Skinny Taste
I made the mistake of adding more onion then the 1/4 cup that the recipe called for and even with the juice of 2 lemons it was still a bit onionie.  I thought it would be okay, because I love onions, but really I love sauteed onions not raw unless it's on a burger.  I still enjoyed the receipt, but it's one of those that even 3 days in a raw is a bit much, plus the shrimp was about $7 for the lb so I'm not likely to make it again unless I'm spending less on the shrimp. 

No Bake Energy Bites by Gimme Some Oven
These were very very yummy and I wanted to keep eating them.  The recipe made 15, but I ate most of them before I remembered to take the photo.  Also, in order to form the mixture into balls I had to add a bit more honey then the recipe called for. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

2013-02-04 Fitness Monday: Lululemon

I had ordered the Toque from Lululemon around the 18th and it finally arrived while I was at work on the 25th.  I was so excited that it had arrived and even more when I was able to wear it on my run the next day.  I love how soft the material is and that it actually covers my ears while I'm running - no cold ears for me!It's currently on a final sale so it's only $19, which is a nice savings from the original $28 price tag.  The Brisk Run Ear Warmer is only $23 and is the fabric / pattern that is replacing the Toque pattern.  It also has available matching gloves, toque and neck warmer.

Monday, January 28
A Mile a Day D11
1.14mi. run in 14:18

I decided after hearing the weather last night that I would run after work today. The nonexistent rain was supposed to wash away the leftover snow, but that didn't happen. Path was mostly slush, but overall not a bad run

Tuesday, January 29
A Mile a Day D12
2.03mi. run in 19:56

Today was like heaven to run compared to the weather I ran in yesterday. Even ran 2 miles, though the last mile my thighs were feeling a bit tight / sore.

Wednesday, January 30
A Mile a Day D13
1.02mi. run in 11:03

40 degree morning still a bit cold for my lululemon head cover (fabric wide headband) & could have used a light pair of gloves, but not complaining since this is far nicer then running in 7 or 12 degrees.

Thursday, January 31
A Mile a Day D14
2.01mi. run in 20:55

A Mile A Day completed day 13 w a 2 mile run. A bit windy but overall weather not bad. 36

Friday, February 1
A Mile a Day D15
Didn't run or do the Elliptical today. The wind was a bit crisp for me and I ended up working on my project board instead of going on the elliptical. I did go dancing, so I did get some exercise today, but I wont be couting it toward my running days.

Saturday, February 2
A Mile a Day D16
Today also, was a very bad day for me in completing my mile a day challenge.   I was up late last night hanging out with some friends at the Diner after dancing.  I had planned on going home afterward, but my friend Paul was in town from Philly so I made an exception.  However, it caused a delay in my day since I didn't get out of bed until after noon.  Then there was so much to be done, like heading over to the furniture store in search of a bed rail replacement {post project to be coming soon} adventure and a trip to JoAnn's, a drop off to the Goodwill, and then Home Depot, which actually took most of the day.  Didn't get home until after 8pm and then I had to work on the projects and get my bed back on the railing so I wasn't sleeping on the floor. 

Sunday, February 3
A Mile a Day D17
Yes, again FAIL.  No running today.  Darn you snow and crisply cold weather that doesn't temp me outdoors.  I felt lazy for the first few hours of waking, but ended up getting a lot done.  

I did work on my design boards for the house, dust, vacuum, sweep and straightened up the living room / dining / kitchen, because it looked like a tornado hit with all the cleaning out we've been doing.  Pluy, we have a lady coming Monday at 7pm to inspect our Vitamix we're selling and house presentably is very important.  People wont buy if the home doesn't look like the residents care about their dwelling, I know and I'm no different in that mentality.  I'm not a messy person and I have no desire of people thinking I am.  We have a lot to sell so we can purchase items that will work so the sell of this is very important.  I can buy my LACK shelves once my mom and I split 50/50.     

This Lululemon Run: Bundle up Jacket was pretty amazing.  I loved the color and the material and how warm it was, but the arms were super long {though they offer a free hemming service, but the 12 was a bit big and the 10 very small}.  For $99 as a final sale this jacket is a steal and I wish it would have been a bit more fitting.

I came into Lululemon on Saturday 2013-01-26 to specifically try this RUN: Get up and Glow Jacket and I was surprised to see how big the 12 was on me.  I can't believe that this is a 10!  I love Lululemon for helping me to feel good about my size and that I can wear cute fitness wear.  I did leave the jacket behind, only because I couldn't justify spending $149 on a jacket when I would still need a base layer.  The jacket is not meant for 12 degree runs, or brisk wind days on a 40 degree day.