Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Green Chevron Love & Christmas Wrap Up

I've been needing to take down our Christmas Tree and what few decorations we had up and I'm finally glad to have it clear out, especially since it sparked a makeover in my Living and Dining Room. 

Here is what I started with to take down.

I started out taking down the ornaments from the tree, then the beads/garland and then tucked the faux tree back in it's neat little box and it's now put away in our still needs to be organized  basement and then I began to vacuum the living space before making a move for the sectional.  The original thought was just to move it away from the wall a few more inches, but then decided to make a whole new layout for the living room, which I'm quite delighted with.

Merry Christmas to Me
Also, here is the beautiful Chevron Wool Jacket my best friend ordered for me from Poshmark.  I love it!  Though the hip area is a bit snug, but still very much wearable.  

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