Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Cure w1

Welcome to my GID for January which will consist of the assignments for the 2013 January Cure from Apartment Therapy.  It's taken from the book The 8-Step Home Cure, by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan who founded Apartment Therapy.  

Were already three weeks into the New Year and I've been working diligently on my tasks, though I still have a few that are unfinished, but it's about small maintainable and attainable steps to help you clear out the clutter and free yourself of things you really don't need.  I also appreciate that some of the contributors on Apartment Therapy are joining along and I like reading how their progress is coming along.

Day 1: Make a Project List  Download available of the full schedule.

+ Hang New Wall Art - Choose a better layout
+ Remove price tag off of mirror
+ Sell IKEA Wardrobe
+ Replace Wardrobe with IKEA TJUSIG coat rack
+ DIY Tray with stones for shoes

Living Room:
+ Hang New Wall Art - Choose a better layout
+ Organize TV Stand
+ Find a new Bin for Bain's toys
+ Hang the 2nd pair of IKEA curtains
+ Sell Rocker {02/08/13}
+ Sell Wood Coffee Table {02/08/13}

Dining Room:
+ New Lighting Fixture
+ Put Danish Dining Table back up
+ Triangle mcm stencil on back wall to create a focal point
+ Eliminate the need for 2 bookshelves - downsize
    Sold Brown one on 02/08/13 / moving other to 3rd floor for Linen Storage

+ Buy 2 LACK Wall Shelving Units From IKEA

+ Hang Family Photos
   1/19 I started a small bin so as I find family photos they will all be in one location.
+ Paint walls Vapor by Martha Stewart

1/2 Bath:
+ Hang 1 Art Piece
+ Add Insulated Curtains
+ Buy a Towel Rod
+ Buy TP Holder
+ Buy shelf for under mirror
+ Replace Mirror
+ Buy a new Rug
+ Repaint Walls Martha Stewart Vapor or Nimbus Cloud

+ Paint Walls Endive By Martha Stewart
+ Entry Art  {completed 1/16}
+ Hang Live, Love, Bark plaque above door  {completed 1/16}
+ Sell Island
+ Menu Wall
+ DIY Hand Soap

+ Dance Wall - print photos and trim to fit frames {1/18 ordered prints from Walmart}
+ Dance Wall - find quote for wall
+ Dance Wall - Create poster of dance weekly schedule
+ Search for a mcm slat bench for the foot of the bed

+ Move IKEA TV stand to living room

+ Find an Art Deco style mirror for my dressing table {1/24}
+ Fridge: find way to disguise
+ Art Above bed
+ Art on window wall to inspire me to wake up
+ New Headboard

Office/Guest Room / Home Gym:
+ Move IKEA Bookshelf from Dining to use for Temporary Linen Storage
+ Find a MCM Desk
+ Move Bookshelf to add books/dvd/cd listed on Amazon

3/4 Bath:
+ Paint Chevron Pattern on towel rod wall Martha Stewart Popcorn
+ Install new Towel hook
+ Paint walls Sea Glass by Martha Stewart
+ Art
+ Install medicine cabinet above toilet
+ Find a TP holder for extra rolls 

+ set up new bench from Home Depot (as of 03/23 it's been taken to the basement)
+ Add new stand for Toiletries  {completed 1/16}
+ Find or Build Shelving
+ purge items not using

Day 2: Set up Your Outbox
This is located in-between my window's in the Living Room

Day 3: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Floors, Green Cleaners & Outbox
+ Buy Flowers.
This I didn't do, as I just threw out my Christmas Flowers from my boss and would rather invest in a green potted plant.  I'm debating between these so far:

+  Vacuum the Rugs and Mop/Dry Mop the Floors.
I did vacuum the Living Room, my bedroom, but the hallway and my office still needs to be done.  I also do need to mop all the bathrooms (3), and the Kitchen.

01/19/13 I finally swept and mopped the 3/4 bath on the 3rd floor.

+ Stock Up on Good Green Cleaners. 
 My roommate has a ton of cleaning supplies and she's not going to let me throw them out, so well be using what we have and then I plan to make simple household green cleaners to use then.

+ Use Your Outbox as You Go.
I have placed a few items in the outbox.

Day 4: Get a Fresh Perspective in just 10 Minutes
I decided a view from the top of my stairs would be a good perspective to try.  Plus, I love that I can see the main floor, though not so good as it looks pretty crowded with all the furniture we have up.

finally added 2013-02-05

Day 5: Select One Project from Your List to Complete this Month
+ Add new stand for Toiletries

+ I chose this shelf that I purchased at a second hand store within the last year and it's been used for several different rooms, but now I think it will work even as a temporary storage item for the extra Toiletries until I can have some built in made. Plus, the basement gets pretty dusty since it's unfinished so it will be easy to wipe off. 

+ I also want to post the IKEA Wardrobe so that  can have that space opened. and then hopefully head to the 2nd hand furniture store a few blocks away and see if they still have these mcm stools for a steal at $15 so I can take the legs and attached them to my IKEA TV stand that I want to use for my entry table.  

Day 6: Choose a Piece of Art Work & Get Going on Hanging It.
+ I have a bicycle quote print {living room} I ordered from Etsy a while back, but it has yet to be framed, because it doesn't fit into any of the frames I own and it needs to be rematted.  I think what will end up happening is that I'll purchase some green felt {for added color} to make a matte with and use a frame I already have.

+ Plus, I also have a copper frame {bedroom} that I purchased from a second hand store, that I would like to hang, but the wire is set for horizontal so I need to get a screw driver to swap out the wire to fit it vertically, then create a poster board with the quote: the best way to make your dreams happen is to Wake Up.

My hope is to accomplish both projects in the next week.  First step is to just go to the craft store.

Day 7: Get Your Get-Together Together - Date, Guests, Invites
The main objective of this clean out is to get your home ready for dinner party, so this is something I still need to put together.

01/18 decided that I want to have a pancake and mimosa brunch

Feel free to join along during any part of the serious, especially if you want to prepare for a dinner party.  This will definitely help get you get to that point.  Also, you can read about Sweet Suite 10, a blogger that I follow, and her progress on the January Cure.

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