Why Paleo?

A month ago {October 2012} I didn't even know what Paleo was, but after doing some research on Pinterest about eating better, as I've tried eating clean, crash name it I've tried to help me from overconsuming  unhealthy highly sweetened processed foods. 

I've struggled with food for so long and I'm just tired of feeling guilty because I'm not living a fully healthy lifestyle and my weight shows that I'm not as faithful as I would like to be.  I know I can be lighter and more toned, but I fail so many times overconsuming surgery foods.   Even when I've tried to have self-control to only eat 3 or 4 I've failed.  How did I just eat an entire bag of ....  I've even tried bagging the contents into individual baggies, but that didn't work either. 

After reading Today's Letters on her Whole 30 challenge I began researching Whole30 foods and Blogs and I was soon very excited to begin my own journey.  It was a bit mind changing since I had to actually prepare foods and couldn't depend on Chobani, peanut butter, or oatmeal.

I'm finally learning, since starting the Whole30 Challenge why it's been so hard.  These foods are meant for us to overconsume.  They are processed that way with high amounts of sugar and not nutrients.  Our bodies can't communicate to us to stop eating, because it's still lacking nutrients that tell us were full so we keep eating until the bag is gone.  I love that now, since only being on this for 3-weeks now {11/16/12} that I can eat my high in protein and nutrient rich meal that I don't eat everything on my plate, before I'm fully satisfied.  I don't crave sugary foods and I've even lost 4lbs and jeans are fitting loser.  All because I'm eating real and nutrient rich foods that my body knows how to digest and use for proper energy.  I've even gone all 3 weeks without coffee and I've had sufficient energy throughout the day.  

I think it's crazy that I spent over $1000 on a 6-week get back to healthy kind of program which really didn't do much except keep me on a 1200 calorie diet, buy unnecessary vitamins and lose 5lbs, especially when I could have spent less than $26, which was the cost of the book at BOM and I've had better results and enjoy far better foods.   

If you have any doubts about changing over to Paleo or even trying Whole30 just read though some Whole30 / Paleo blogs or better yet, buy the book.  It's totally worth it and if you a Barne's n Noble member online it's only $16 and you can get free 2-3 day shipping.  It's a great read and you'll learn so much about how food affects your body and why you shouldn't consume what you've been eating and thinks healthy anymore.

What is Paleo 
The Food Lovers Kitchen
Simply Paleo: How to go Paleo 
My Pinterest: Whole 30 / Paleo Eats

Useful Guides
Balanced Bits
The Food Lovers Kitchen, Intro to Paleo
Robb Wolfe’s Quick Start-   a step by step guide to get you off ‘dem grains!
Paelo on a Budget: Shopping Guide

Whole 30
Version 1.0 
What to expect Timeline
This is very helpful if you want to take the Whole30 Challenge as it tells you pretty on how you will be feeling during the challenge and what temptations will come.

It Starts with Food 
A very helpful book on why the foods were chosen for the Whole30 and how they affect our bodies.  This is what I'm currently reading and learning a lot about how foods affect my body.

Prints and Posters
Paleo B/W: This one is better suited fora 4x6 or 5x7 print out.
Yes / No Eat: I find this to be helpful for in my wallet or on my planner.

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