Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013-01-06 Paleo Delights & My New Planner

This month hasn’t been very purposeless in my planning out for the blog, so I apologize for not getting this post out on time. I took some time this Monday {7th} to write out a little schedule now that I have this pretty 2013 8x10 planner {image below} that I purchased from Target Sunday {01/6/13}. It was a bit more then I wanted to spend, but it’s really pretty and large enough to use it for cleaning, blog posts, budget and my personal schedule.

How pretty is my new planner.

I love how pretty the interior is as well, but it's still functional.  I'm going to use the monthly for noting my blog post and when my bills are due and I like that I can plan my personal & cleaning schedule on the weekly pages.  

Scrumptious Pineapple Scramble by Whole Family Strong
I was pretty surprised at how much I loved this breakfast, because I'll tell you I was a bit leery about the combined ingredients.  Plus, it was super easy and convenient since I can make a few days in advance.  It didn't take long to cook, maybe 10 minutes and while the egg scrambled cooked I chopped up fresh pineapple.  This was my first attempt at cutting a fresh pineapple, needless to say I was a bit intimidated by it, but it wasn't as difficult as I was expecting and it really made a difference in taste having fresh over canned.  I'm pretty sure I'll pass on the canned stuff now that I've tasted fresh.  Once I had about 2 days of breakfast ready I added them to my breakfast Tupperware, which has that has a small section divided off perfect for the pineapple so I didn't have eggs soggy.   I will definitely be making this again for breakfast. 

The Kitchen Sink Salad  by Everyday Paleo
There's no photo, because I actually forgot to take one, but you can check out what it looks like from Everyday Paleo.  I chose this recipe to use up some of the vegetables I had leftover from the previous week and then purchased some red cabbage.  The only thing I didn't use was the mustard, since I couldn't find mine and ended up using my lemon poppy salad dressing.  I very much enjoyed this salad and would make it again for a quick and easy lunch. 

Salmon Patties by my mom and steamed sliced carrots + mandarin orange
This was just a basic salmon patty recipe my mom put together, which didn't really include anything crazy, since my mom is pretty bland in her cooking and sliced carrots that I used a Ziplock Steamer Bag for microwave steaming and a mandarin orange.  It was tasty and I actually really loved how tasty plain steamed sliced carrots are.

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