Monday, January 14, 2013

For the Love of San Diego

I just felt like reminiscing on a happy a time in my life and adding a few photos to remember being with my best friend in San Diego and dreaming of when I'll be able to go back. 
September 12 to 26, 2012 Trip to San Diego to visit my best friend.
My best friend and I getting ready for an evening out.

Her quaint apartment complex

Week 1:
Breakfast, egg scramble with sundried tomatoes, crushed red peppers, and cumin.

* 13th Beach Day + 4 mile run along the beach
* 13th Walk to Sprouts
* 14-16 SFLX - San Francisco Lindy Exchange

pre-dance primping

* 15th Castro Coffee Company {delicious coffee & good humored service}
* 16th Shopping day in San Francisco

We saw this shirt at a consignment shop and both tried it on as you can see I ended up with up and am so thankful, I LOVE this shirt!  Its become my most favorite shirt and I wish I had a few more like it for dancing.

A art print that I was interested in at a local shop.  
A Ferris Wheel at a shopping mall in LA.

* 16th Dinner with Angela at a Thai Restaurant
* 17th Brunch and Coffee with Michelle's Uncle
* 17th Danced at the Madonna Inn in S.L.O.
* 18th Alma Rosa Vineyard - Winery

These were my two of my preferred wines at Alma Rosa.

* 18th Solvang town & Brewing Company
The whole town looked just like these buildings.  Very quaint and very touristy.

I very much wanted to take this purse home, but even at 50% off it was still a $60 purse in a touristy town, which meant I knew it was overpriced anyways.  Though i still think about this purse and the beautiful Kelly green.

Their sampling mat.  We each chose 3 samples; my first choice, Seasonal Fruit Harvest, was a favorite among the group.

Week 2:
Old Fashioned Organic Oatmeal w strawberries, cinnamon, brown sugar, & apples.

* 19th Danced at the Firehouse, San Diego
* 19th Walked to Sprouts
* 20th Carl took me out dancing at 2 venues
* 21 - 23rd Ultimate Blues Dance Weekend - Festival
* 21st 4 mile run downtown Hillcrest
* 21st dinner at Fig Tree Cafe
* 21st dinner after the dance {Japanese Restaurant}
* 22nd PB Farmers market & Blue's Festival

Really delicious avocado honey at Pacific Beach Farmers Market

* 23rd Yoga on the Beach + movie night
* 24th 4 mile run downtown Hillcrest
* 24th Movie {Lucky One} & Dinner with Telly & Turquoise
* 24th CD release party
* 25th Lunch with Michelle & Telly. Walk to Balboa park with Telly

Dinner at Philly Cheese Steak restaurant.
* Danced at Henry's Pub to the Stilettos

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