Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013-01-13 Paleo Delights

2 Eggs Over Easy & Bacon with fresh pineapple
Very yummy and easy to make a few nights before. I love eggs for that reason. I got out my large griddle and filled it with bacon and then got out my Whiskie Egg Ring and cracked one egg, then once it was settled enough I removed the ring  and continued the process until I had 6 eggs cooking. I really need to buy another Egg Ring mo I can cook a couple of eggs at once.

Gingered Carrots with Mahi Mahi by Everyday Paleo
The Mahi Mahi was about $8.99 a pound and was glad This recipe was pretty easy and pretty tasty.  Though I waited to long to cook the fish and then I didn't take the skin off after I cooked it, so I had to remember to remove the skin before eating otherwise the taste of the skin overpowered the yummy taste of the fish.  The carrots were very tasty.  

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