Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013-02-20 GID: Martha Saves the day p1

Master Spa Reveal

My Master Suite has been in a state of blah since I moved in last year and my design inspiration has been zilch.  When I first moved in I thought that purple would be a good color, but after painting a sample patch on the wall I decided to pass.  since then that purple patch has been driving me crazy and I've been wanting to paint to cover it.

As you can see everything is a bit crowded here and the cords to the radio are unsightly.  I dislike the lighting above and the unpractical, but pretty tilted mirror. 

I did manage to score an art deco inspired paper towel holder from Marshall's for under $10 to used to hold my tp.  I wasn't sure if the roll would fit over the triangle top, but it's a perfect fit and works wonderfully. I also found a pretty mint quilting square that I ironed and mounted in the frame above the toilet. 

The towel rod was just unpractical for my 2 towel use each day and it ended up just having things draped over it so I took 3-tier towel rack my mom hadn't been using that worked for a while, but really just took up to much space.

A few months ago, I started to narrow my color search to mint, but I was still hesitant on a specific shade or brand until I found a room inspiration from  Kristen and Mike's Mid-Century Oasis Home Tour on Apartment Therapy.  I feel in love with their dining room color Araucana Teal (flat) by Martha Stewart and there launched an easier way to choose my color scheme.  

At my next trip to Home Depot I checked out their paint swatches and found a happy point with the Araucana Teal family and left with several swatches to think about, including Sea Grass and Popcorn which are going to make up my new spa chic master suite.

Two weeks after that trip I headed back to Home Depot to return some supplies from my basement project that I had yet to start and left spending my return + some to get a gallon of Sea Glass, Endive, & Kilz Primer.

It took several hours to even be ready to paint the bathroom, since every time I had to head back downstairs to gather some supply I missed I would be distracted by cleaning something or checking my email since were trying to keep open for email inquiries from our craigslist ad since most people tend to set visits during the week.  I was sure I had gathered all my supplies the other day when I was in the basement, but around 2pm when I started the prep work I realized I had missed a few supplies like my paint extension stick, an 8' ladder so I could tape the ceiling, and hardware to hang my towel rails.  Let's just say I got my exercise that day going up and down 3 flights of stairs and finally around 6pm I got around to actually painting.

Since my plan is to sell the overhead lighting I didn't fuss to much with painting near the light since once it is removed I could easily paint over the whole area.  So for the time being I just wrapped the fixture in 2 plastic bags to keep from having any paint mishaps.  I hope to replace them with a pair of IKEA SAVERN Wall Lamps or something similar.  Once the room was painted I found myself really liking the current fixure, so I may just give it more time before making any changes to the lighting. 

I was also glad to finally install the Grundtal Towel rail I had purchased 6+ months ago from IKEA and I love how it looks.  I actually fell in love with my master suite when I saw the color on the wall and I just love how everything turned out.  I never would have dreamed this bathroom would look this beautiful.

IKEA bench that contains my morning toiletries.

I had purchased this frame to actually frame quote art on the towel wall, but I had gotten the idea to frame the clock and when I tested it really liked how it looked; almost like a flower or sunbeam.    

Love, love, love my Starbucks coffee cup I found 2nd hand for only $0.50 and it fits well with my decor and design style for the bathroom.  It holds my coets (aka flat cotton balls I use for my toner).  I purchased the acrylic turntable at Target for $12. 

It's so nice to finally have the Grundtal installed and I love how it looks against the green.  It's also perfect to hang my hair and body towel and I don't have to reach far after my shower.

The towel rod has knobs behind the rail, so you can either hang a single towel or 4 towels with ribbon hooks, but it fits my deodorant well and now I have easy access after my shower.  Though once I install a mirrored medicine cabinet above the sink the deodorant will go in there.  
I like how the gold flower shelf looks against the green and it holds a lovely photography of a white horse that I found online.  At some point my veneer birch cabinet will go there, but that will have to wait until the budget allows. 

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