Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013-01-02 Replace the faucet Sprayer

We've been living with a defective sprayer for the last month, maybe two months now, but have been a bit hesitant to purchase another one. The push bottom was stuck on the sprayer and wouldn't swap over to the sink and it's been a huge pain to do anything at the sink. During these last few months we had our contractor friend look at it while he was working on a few other items and after a few wackes on the side of the sink the button released, however, within a day or two it was stuck again.

I found this video on How to install a kitchen sprayer very helpful and less intimidating then some other ones I watched.  Although, it was still wasn't as easy as they made it since I had so many obstructions to work around under my sink. We have a garbage disposal and our hot water comes out the back of the cabinet and then connects to another tube to our hot water so it was a bit of a hassle to get around them since the blue tube wasn't budging.

After about 30 minutes I successful installed my Christmas sprayer and it looks much nicer then our generic sprayer and we're looking forward to using our faucet and water filter again. 


  1. Getting things done by yourself is such an achievement, right? Water sprayers for me is very important. You get to wash areas on the sink that your regular faucet can't and can be very useful at times. Your new one looks nice and very sturdy. I hope it lasts longer than the old one.

    Darryl Iorio

    1. Yes, it is. There just seems to be so much that needs to be done, so when something even small get's done it's a huge accomplishment.

      I love having my water sprayer and it was such a hassle not having it. The new sprayer is definitely much nicer and not back for a Home Depot purchase.

  2. Well done, Jessa! ^_^ I could never do that by myself. That’s why I leave it all to my trusted plumber. So, the sprayer broke during Christmas season? It must have been tough cleaning the sink without the sprayer, when there were tons of dishes to wash because of the holiday feast.{Althea Tumlin}

  3. I love sprayers that are installed in the kitchen sink. It’s very helpful on my part since I’m very fond of cooking and I get a lot of mess in the kitchen. Using the sprayer, I can easily wash out the dirt that my kitchen incurred due to the cooking process. It’s good that my plumbers installed it somewhere that allows it to reach the stove. :)

    [ Carmella Vancil ]