Tuesday, February 12, 2013

January cure w4

Day 19: Catch up and take a Photo
I haven't had a change to take another photo and finally yesterday I activated my iphone, which I'm hoping will allow me to take better photos.  Though you wouldn't recognize how neat and open my main floor is looking since we've sold so much furniture this week.  Yeah, Craigslist!  We still have quite a few small pieces to post and move either to the basement or the 3rd floor office so we can find them when they sell and my IKEA Wardrobe that's being used as a coat closet in the living room.  I bought a coat rack Saturday and saved $30 buying it now instead of when we sell the wardrobe and it's the same one I wanted.  Yeah again Craigslist.  

 child's vintage rocker

Hopefully, the wardrobe will be leaving this week.  I have a buyer coming Friday to take a look and if it goes that leaves my child's rocker and one-arm sofa left on the main floor of furniture that were selling.  There are a few pieces scattered throughout the house well be posting to, plus some household items and I still need to move the bookshelf from the dining room (1st floor) to the office / guest room on the 3rd floor, but I'll need help with that. 

Day 20: Hang Your Artwork
I combined this green frame, a black and white floral fabric square and a BIKE print that I purchased off etsy last year that had been meant for my living room, however, it's looking pretty good above my bed.  The image looks better in person, my camera phone didn't do real well at capturing how nice it looks.  

It's nice to finally see the BIKE print up, as it's been sitting up in my guest room basically since I bought it since I wasn't able to find a frame for it until now.

I'm really excited about this photo.  It's of a dance friend of mine and myself dancing at a Swing Dance in Pottstown from December.  Another dance friend photographer took the photo and he was nice enough to send the picture to me so I could have it printed and framed.   It took a few weeks once he sent me the photo to actually forward the print to walmart's online print orders and another two weeks before I was able to pick it up.  I had paid for it to be mailed, but I didn't realize I hadn't finished the order and it never went through.  They were supposed to arrive around the 23rd of January, but never showed up so I had to reorder them and picked them up at the store.  

I love this photo, and that I now have this and one other photo of me doing the one thing I love, dancing.  It's being added to my dance wall and is framed in an IKEA RIBBA high gloss white frame.  I'm actually planning on swapping out all my art frames in my bedroom for this style.  I really love how the white goes softly against the LemonTwist by Benjamin Moore walls and is very much preferred over the black, which I really had liked.

Day 21:  Speedy Spruce up and Surface Clean
Last Friday and Saturday I spent several hours sprucing up the sofa and cleaning up all the odds and ends that were left from selling our furniture and trying to either donate the leftovers or find a new home for them. 

Day 22:  Shop for the Get Together Goodies 
I've not planed the get together yet.  

Day 23:  Weekend Chores: Pat Yourself on the back, Relax, and Celebrate
Definitely, cleaned out this weekend and also painted my 3rd floor 3/4 bath on Sunday {post to come on the 20th}

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