Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{60 minute} GID mini projects

Shower Caddy
I've spent the last few months dealing with the annoyance of my shower essentials having to be stored on my IKEA stool that was intended for when I shave my legs, however, it's been difficult with everything stashed on top and a lot of the times my larger bottles fall.  I've tried a few options, but none of them have worked until my 3rd try.  It would have been an easy fix if I didn't love having my drop down shower head.  It really helps since my shower is pretty small, but the metal cord isn't very flexible and doesn't work with shower caddies that hang from the shower head.  Which is a huge bummer since I found an amazing shower caddy with a vintage vibe for only $16 from Marshall's,  but it had to be returned. 

Next was this vertical shower caddy from Target that was a whopping $26.  I thought it would look nicer for the price, but it still looked cheap and I couldn't get it to stand up straight.   I tried to tighten it, but it was to short without the extra extension piece and about a foot to tall with it.  Plus, the base of my shower is a bit wonky so now it's packed back in the box and awaiting my next trip to Target to go back.  

After this fail it hit me that I should have just bought 2 more of the clear shower suction caddies that I've been using already.  It's fantastic and suctions to my glass wall like super glue so I purchased 2 more and they are working fanatically. 

Clean Paint Brushes
After some procrastination I finally tried this DIY I found on Pinterest, however, I really didn't find that it helped any bit as the brushes looked like this before, during and after.  I even let it sit for longer than 30 minutes. 

Clean Paint Brushes
  1. Buy White Distilled Vinegar Add to bucket
  2. Pour Hot water in with Distilled Vinegar.
  3. Add paint brushes to bucket
  4. Let sit for 30 minutes

Freshen Your Sink Drain

Freshen Kitchen Sink Drain
  1. Buy Baking Soda {1 TB}
  2. Buy White Distilled Vinegar {1/4 cup}
  3. Mix ingredients and pour over drain
  4. Let bubble and spray clean

December Items Donated:
Another pile of items that headed out the door for someone else to enjoy.

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