Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013-01-30 sell, sell, sell

This last year has gone pretty fast, and it seems like we've not really done much in terms of downsizing, but really we have. If you saw my house when we combined households you would have had a heart attack from ALL THE STUFF and really there's more like 2 storage units full awaiting their turn to be sold and I hope to never lay eyes on it again.

My mom wanted to do this selling business many years ago and never really got around to selling anything, but she didn't stop buying anything so we have a lot of work ahead of us, but it will be helpful with the amount of things I would like to do with the house so I'll be thinking...sell, sell, sell and hopefully most of the items will sell and no longer take residence in my home. I love the quote by William Morris Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. and that's a good way to live.  Clutter is a nuisance and makes me a not so nice person.  I just can't work in a clutter home and sometimes, yes, I'm sorry to admit this out loud, but I can get pretty mean and sometimes I've been known to throw things, though not at people. 

What's I've posted in the last week:

* Precor EFX 5.17i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer  SOLD AUG
* Klaussner Sofa SOLD AUG
* Coffee Table, wood and glass SOLD 02/08/13
* Vita-mix  SOLD FEB 2
* collapsible doggy steps sold JAN 29
* Rocking Chair SOLD JUNE
* Antique Twin Metal Bed:
* Full Size Metal Bed Frame: SOLD JAN 31
* Scandinavian Dining Set:
I plan to take this ad off, because I really LOVE this table set and hope to sell the Elliptical which is currently housed in my dining room. Once the Elliptical is sold and I hang the 2 LACK Wall Shelves that I plan on buying once the bookshelves are moved I believe I'll have room to fit my 5' table.

Things to return Saturday:

I finally found the receipt to my for my shower tension rod caddy after weeks of scoring the house for it.  so now I can return the shower caddy +$25, a 2013 planner +6, and a mustache clock +10.  The planner and clock I think will only be in store credit, but I shop there all the time so I'm going to spend money there anyways.

UPDATE ** 02/12/13
All items above were returned.  1 store credit and 2 items were returned to my card.

Errands to make this coming week:

- cardboard letting want to make a yarn sign for W-A-K-E U-P & wire to do a script DIY for beautiful.
- Felt to make letter cut outs & freezer paper for the template.

activate my iphone.  I've had it now for 3 weeks and have yet to get it activated.
Finally activated on 02/12/13

I also plan to update my House To Do project list this week.  Need to change out a few projects that I've decided not to do and add the new ideas then mark some complete.

We haven't made much this week, but I did make the money back from purchasing my headboard set.  Although the frame doesn't really work with my mattress and soft box-spring combo and so I have to build another bed frame to support my mattress like this one.  I don't think it will cost more then $35 and I would prefer not to buy a box-spring, because then my bed will be to high.

I plan on posting the built ins in my 3rd floor bedroom, some running shoe's I've worn a few times, but are to big, a 70's veneer bookshelf and some household decor.

I've also been working on new plans for my living, dining and 3rd floor guest / office / workout room and I'm looking forward to implementing them, but don't have the funds to spend so I really need to start selling so I can implement the plans.

Furniture swap outs:

Want: Strandmon Wing chair & Foot Stool
Selling: Klaussner One-Arm Sofa

Dining Room

Selling: 70's bookshelf

3rd Floor Guest / Office / Workout

Want: IKEA PAX Wardrobe (x2)  
Selling: Built In Dressers (x2)

I also have a very sturdy and amazing IKEA bookshelf that I love that's currently in my dining room that I plan to temporarily move to my 3rd floor to use for Linens, Towels, and my workout gear until I can afford to purchase the PAX single door wardrobe.  The Photo above best represents the feel and look that I'm going for with my closet.  I also have a Hovet mirror from IKEA the size of the one in the image thanks to their as is section, which I LOVE for only $100.

Selling: Children's Toys
The intended purpose of this is to store some books we are selling, and to house our mailing supplies.  It will be placed so it's 4 cubes wide and 2 cubes high.  I also intend to buy the drawer insert to store pens, markers, scissors, scotch tape and labels, along with 4 DRONA fabric bins to hid the books.

I was originally inspired by this Closet Mid Unit from Target, that Love Grows Wild had set up, but it's an inch to high and the Expedit will be almost 2" shorter then the trim on the half wall where I want to put it, which should look a little better.  Plus, the Expeidit is a nicer shelving unit and I really don't need that many cubbies.  though this would be a great idea if our basement was a little lest dusty to use for our extra toiletries.

UPDATE 02/12
I decided   earlier last week that we would just use bookshelves that we already had instead of buying something new.  Plus, I kind of wanted the Expedit shelves instead and I really didn't want to commit to buying either at the moment in fear that I would regret buying more stuff.

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