Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013-01-22 January Cure w1 part 2

I know I should be on week 2 for the January Cure Project assignments, but I'm still catching up on week 1.  I've also tackled a few projects on my project list as you can see below.  My goal is to work on week 2, even if it's only a few days, as it still gets me closet to my end goal.

I crossed off and linked to this post all of the projects pictured below from my w1 recap so I have a running talley of what's done and what I will need to tackle next. let's get started with showing you all the projects I completed.  Whew, so glad they are done.

Organize the TV Stand

I had a slew of DVD's stuffed in the shelf and a project or two in waiting to be done, that after all was said and done I decided to nix's since I liked the baskets so much.  I had originally planned on using the spray adhesive {on the bottom right open shelf} to spray the white and tan poke-a-dot fabric  to add some color to the stand, but I think the green baskets fit rather well and add the green I wanted.  The baskets I found at Michael's Craft Store on the 16th when I was looking for cardboard letter, which I didn't find.

The paper laying onto was the inspiration photo for organizing the stand and is in the paper recycle now that the project is complete.  It came out better then I hoped. 

Hang the 2nd pair of IKEA curtains

I have only 1 pair of the Henny Rand curtain panels hanging in my living room for over 6 months now, but after taking the 2nd pair down from  my kitchen I thought ti would look nicer in the living to have a fuller curtain wall.  On the 16th I gathered the extra panels and placed them on the couch so that after work Thursday I would get it done.  so after about 15 minutes - gathering the tall ladder and removing the Finial's on each side and loosening the screw on the rail bracket I was able to add the 2nd panel to each side. 

Hang Live Love Bark

I had a plaque from TJ MAXX that's had a few homes, but none have really had the same impact that I want and a few weeks back I had added it to my extra stash of stuff pile of things that I liked and didn't want to get rid of, but had no place for it and now finally it has a home.  I love how it looks on the wall with a new plaque I found at Marshalls last Wednesday.  I also have a home, finally for my non-matching apron, but I love it anyways.

Find a Toilet Paper Holder
While at Marshall's I found a unique paper towel holder that I wanted to use to hold my extra toilet paper and I really like how it looks. 

Projects in Process:
Frame Art - I submitted some photos to the Walmart photo center to have printed and I'm waiting for them to come in the mail.  Once they come I'll see what looks best and then figure out what size frames I need to purchase at my next trip to IKEA.  

Dance Schedule Art Print - I printed off the dance schedule, but need to figure out how I want to go about.  

Art above Bed - I did try a few wrapping paper examples on the wall, but haven't been able to find a layout that I like.  I did find two quotes that I liked that I hope to make a black and white word art with.

Sell IKEA Wardrobe - I posted on Craigslist and Yardsellr.com 01/20

Hang Family Photos - I started a small bin on the dining table to put photos that I come across.

Entry Table - I moved my IKEA TV stand that I was using at the end of my bed to the entry for a drop table and so far I like it there.  I'm on the lookout for tapered wood legs to add 12" height to it.

3/4 Bath - I found a frame that I want & a phrase Hey Good Looking

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