Wednesday, February 27, 2013

3013-02-27 GID: Home to do updates

For being sick this last week I've made some good progress with the house, and if you follow me on instagram then you've seen a glimpse into my progress.  It's been fun getting some of these little projects done that I've been procrastinating because I'm really not crafty or real great with any power tool other than my power drill.  

My mom had brought home a Wardrobe for us to use in the living room, but it was just way to obtrusive into my entry way and there was no other place to put it.  I decided to use it for a while, but when we started to post more items onto craigslist she agreed to put this up.  We ended up lowering the price & re-listing the ad each time in the few weeks (always deleting the old one, such a pet peeve to see duplicate ads).  I was glad to get what we did since 2 sellers in Baltimore were selling the same on for half of what I got out of it and the two ladies who bought it were delighted to get it.  I think as delighted as I was to see it gone when I got home.  

What's even better is the IKEA TJUSIG Hat and coat stand that I was going to replace it with I scored on the 9th from a person in Camp Hill who was selling the white and silver one for $20, that's a $30 savings from the original price and it was in new condition and all put together. 

My inspiration for this project came from a pinterest search for Scandinavian wall art.   More to come in a post soon.

Can you believe it I not only committed to a color for my kitchen, but I actually started painting it!!!  With all the priming and prepping I had to do I only managed to complete this side of the kitchen, but more to come with Martha Stewart saves the day part 2

I found this curtain pair at Marshall's Wednesday while out and about and had planned on hanging it in my living room, however, it was a food to short, but turned out to go very well in my kitchen.  I grabbed my Home Depot curtain rod that I've been storing for my bedroom, but had recently decided not to use for, and attempted to install it on the wall.  I like the look, not in love with it.  I still really want it for my living room, but for now this is the home where it will reside. 

I had bought these pretty curtains from Marshals and I thought they would look amazing in my living room, well once the walls are repainted, but they turned out to be a food to short for the space.  Plus, in order for them to look amazing I would need 2 panels for each window, and they only had 1 set available.  I ended up putting the current curtains back up, and moved the new curtains to the kitchen, as shown in the photo above. 

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