Monday, December 31, 2012

2012-12-24 SSuM: stay motivated

Personal Health
Taking time out to refresh yourself; mind, body or soul

24 Monday Day 10 Ab Challenge:
No workout.  {completed Tuesday}

25 Tuesday Day 11 Cardio: 
Warm up:
Elliptical 8:17 minutes
Resist 6 / Incline 7 / Calories 89 / Strides 1134

Bikini Body Momma Day 10
8 Count Body Builders for 10 mins

6 Rounds: completed with 8lb db
30 Rounds: completed with 3lb db

Bonus Ab Challenge: 
Goal: 1 minute of "Plank Taps" Each tap = 1 Rep
completed: 40 taps

cardio Completed 9pm
Elliptical: 45 mins / Incline 7 / Resistance 6 / Resistance 6624/ Calories 524

26 Wednesday Fit Test:
Bikini Body Momma Day 12
swapped Friday {rest day} and today's {fit test} Workout

27 Thursday Cardio:
Bikini Body Momma Day 13
Elliptical: 45 mins
Incline 7 / Resistance 6 / Resistance 6624/ Calories 524

28 Friday Bikini Body Momma Day 14
swapped Wednesday {fit test} and today's {rest day} Workout

Fit Test #2
  45r  speed squats    
  33r  high knees
  24r  push ups   {modified}
  23r  squat jumps
  15r  tricep dips
  09r  burpees
  13r  alternating lunges
  50s  elbow plank

22 Saturday:
Bikini Body Momma Day 15
Swapped Repeats -8- for Dancing / cardio

23  Sunday Cardio:
Bikini Body Momma Day 16
Swapped Elliptical cardio for Dancing

Staying Motivated...............................................................................

Working on ways to stay motivated over the next 60 days as I finish up the BBM 90-Day Challenge wihtout making my efforts voided by bad eating.  It's really a struggle, more than I would like to admit, to say no to foods that I know are bad for me.  So this week my challenge to myself and you is to create a motivation board, one that notes your inspirations, affirmations to quote each day to rebuild your mindset and ideals of who you are and who you will become.  If you need help finding affirmations, Sexy is Strong 5-week Challenge gives you one for each day to recite.

This weeks Challenge: create your own Motivational Board!!


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