Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Today I Vow

These last two weeks have been a bit rough for me since I didn't complete my whole30 challenge and caved in just before week 4.  It really just started with small things...oh I can eat this muffin, or I can have this small amount and it just didn't end well and since then I've been feeling very blah-mind clouded, and just down on myself since I was feeling so fantastic doing the challenge and I really want to get back to feeling fantastic again.  

So I vow to do the following to keep in a healthy mindset and not cave into eating foods that don't make me feel fantastic and don't fuel my body.  

    To love myself
    To respect my body
    To allow myself to be happy
    To Eat Well
    To Exercise
    To meal plan biweekly
    To cook meals biweekly
    To think about encouraging words

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