Tuesday, December 4, 2012

State College Weekend

On December 1st I headed to state College with a friend of mine for the Glenn Crytzer Workshop/Dance, however, it wasn't as interactive as we had expected so we skipped the second half of the training and headed out shopping.  Here are a few of the finds I saw that I really wanted, but just couldn't justify spending the cash.  

We first headed to a local dance shop where my friend bought a new pair of dance shoes, and I purchased a pair of Jazz Pants.  I tried on a few pair of their  pants and after seeing how these fit I ignored the $35 price tag and crossed my fingers that I would love them more then spending that much on dancing pants.  After spending the last month dancing in them I can tell you that I absolutely love them and don't regret buying them.  

This purse from urban outfitters is classy, fun, vintage, pretty mint color and a good size, however, the price tag of $42 made it a bit much for my ideal price.

If I hadn't purchased the Pins and Needles Pinwheel Gloves for $20.00 grey gloves I would have taken this crazy awesome 3-d necklase home but at a whopping $20 it was a bit much, especially after spending $20 on the gloves.

We met up with my friends friend for dinner after our several hour visit to the Salvation Army, where I have to wow, I've never seen so many good looking guys at a thrift store before.  We headed to our hosts home and proceeded to get ready for the vintage inspired dance.  It was great to catch up with some friends of mine up in State College and get my dance on to some pretty amazing music from Glenn Crytzer.   

My friend Philip and I dancing that evening { Mcfreebird Photography} and the Jazz pants I bought.

Happy Hosts Tree

We stayed with another friend and her parents and this is their Christmas Tree.  Pretty amazing isn't it.  They have one this size every year.  I was glad we stayed with them, as I enjoyed getting to know them and enjoyed having dinner with them Sunday before we headed back home.  They were extremely welcoming and humorous. 

I liked the color of the face wash so I took a photo so I could remember to purchase it the next time I needed face wash.  I've been using their moisturizer for a while and have no plans of changing to another brand, because it works so well with my skin.

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