Friday, December 21, 2012

Kitchen Progress & Vintage Finds

I'm so uber excited to show you my updated shot for this counter area, even though the counters have yet to be updated, because of my new-to-me canisters I scored at the Salvation Army last night for $6.  I couldn't believe my eyes last night when I saw these, it was love at first sight, seriously.  The more it was meant to be proven moment was that this wasn't even on our docet for the night.  We had actually planned on only going to the Community Aid, but traffic was ugly even at 6:45pm, so we detoured here and donated some our unwanted household items that we've been stacking up for the last month.

before post at  Kitchen State of Mind 

At the moment their empty and serve no other purpose, but looking amazing on my countertops, but I have some time to think about what I want to store in them.  I do have to be careful what I store in them, since they don't contain any seal so any dry ingredients that aren't individually wrapped will have to be stored inside a ziplock.   

Resources of Note:
paper towel holder: tj maxx
Venti -20- Mug: Marshalls
Towel rail: IKEA BYGOL

Thrifty Finds: 
Owl spoon rest
owl votive holder
measuring spoon / cups

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