Tuesday, December 25, 2012

{Weekend Organizer} Bedroom Overhaul

It seems like I've been living in chaos in my bedroom for months and finally Tuesday I managed to begin the process around 8:30pm Tuesday night.  Once I put away my overflowing laundry basket full of clothes I started clearing out of the room a few of the large items & some little things that were lying around the floor.  As spaced cleared I made sure to vacuum.   

On the second photo you can see that I forgot to snap the before photos before removing some of the main chaos.  I tried playing with my 3 lights and was having a hard time getting the photos to turn out without the light glare even after adjusting my camera phone options and the lighting.  Plus, there wasn't any natural light since it was about 9 at night when I took the photos.  However, I'm super excited about how my stuff animal collection photo turned out {no adjustments required}.

Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that I actually slept in this mess.

After taking a few minutes to sort through my boxes of frames I found a few that I liked for the wall and now I finally have hanging art and I feel like a grown up now.  Now that I found the frames it was time to lay them out to determine how I wanted them to look and then made paper templates that I hung on the wall with blue painters tape.  I also finally got around to wrapping my vintage t-shirt in my larger frame, but I'm not a fan of how it looked on the wall.  So my plan b is to use the tee as a pillow case for my living room since the colors are more on par with the scheme.  


I really liked where I had the dresser, but thought that I would try it between the windows, but after moving my bed out of the way I forget about the dresser and ended up liking how my TV looked there on top of my previous bed side table. 

My thrift store finds add a unique and feminine touch all of which I love, especially my $6 mcm jewelry box.  The headband, clear plastic turntable & make-up brushes are from Target.  I also have a gold shelf that will make it's way up on the wall above my workout schedule (where the red owl is currently), which will hold my milk-glass vase with the copper watch and two glass canisters with red lids (seen above in my large dresser photo).

 Plus, my dvd player fits perfectly on the bottom shelf and with the open back it allows the cord and back to stay cool.  I can't believe now how much room I have. 

I hung my copper frame on a nail I used to have my orange clock now located in the kitchen for now and at some point I'll figure out where it's real home will be. My mini fridge stayed in the same location, but found a few things on top. I also found some really amazing vintage curtain panels at the Salvation Army last week. Currently, they are hung, but they will be moving to my main windows, but I will need to go back this week to see if the matching pair is still there.

Check out how clear my floor is.  I even have enough space to workout without tripping over anything.   I'm glad to have repurposed my IKEA TV stand as a bedside bench where I can layout my gym clothes on each night. 

I love the lighting and angle of this photo and that it captures a few of my favorite stuffed animals including my beige GUNN bear {back left} that I've had since I was 4.   I can guarantee that this image will end up on one of my walls very soon.

Here are a few shots of my tall bookcase, which includes my thrifted retro table clock, teddy bear, and Japanese oriental dolls.  The large one was actually given to me from my principle when I attended Japanese school back in the early 80s.

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