Monday, December 17, 2012

2012-12-17 SSuM: Beleive In Yourself

Sorry for the late posting this week, but I've been trying to figure out what I really want to do with this feature and I'm still kind of unsure. I know I want it to be a way to motivate with quotes and things that I know that I struggle with lately like staying active, eating well, and going to bed early so I can rise early. However, I also thought it would be nice to have one place where I can track my workouts for the week. Whatever this feature ends up being I want it be simple since I have so many other to-do's that I also need to get done during the week.

Reviewing from last weeks SSuM I talked about getting up early and for about half of the week I accomplished that goal, but a few of the nights I headed to bed way to late and skipped my morning workout.  Though Thursday I started a 90-Day Challenge at Bikini Body Momma and so far it's a bit much for my fitness level, but I'm breaking it down so it's not overkill for me.   I love that she has each day posted on fb as a jpg so You can just copy each day into work and print out 2 days on one sheet and be ready to take it wherever you go.  They are mostly interval workouts that so far has only required your body, a chair and a workbench which is helpful for  dips, but a chair would be sufficient. 

I know I need to set a bed time and stick to it.  I remember reading a post about someone turning off all electronics by 9pm so she could be in bed by 10pm, which would be great if I can get myself to do the same.  I think my main issue is just not believing in myself, that 1) I can be healthy 2) I can do this and succeed and 3) I can be my version of skinny {135lbs & toned}.  So here is a poster I found today that's bright and simple.  I plan on posting this in on my fridge and in my bedroom.

Personal Health:
No workout

No workout

Bikini Body Momma Day 1 Fit Test
  50 sec x 10 sec rest complete 1 round then repeat 2 x
  It kicked my butt so I only completed 2 rounds.  Plus, I knew I didn't want to overkill
  since I   haven't done much in plyometic workouts in a few months.

  40r  speed squats    
  28r  high knees
  18r  push ups   {modified}
  11r  squat jumps
  14r  tricep dips
  08r  burpees
  10r  alternating lunges
  40s  elbow plank

Elliptical   7:22 min
                 966 strides
                 5 resistance 7 incline 75 calories

Bikini Body Momma Day  2
I missed my morning workout and slept in, so I completed an 30-minute elliptical workout {3962 strides 7 resistance 8 incline 220 calories} sometime after 7pm and finally got to this workout closer to 8pm.  The workout called for 3 rounds, but at the designated reps there was no way I was going to finish so I cut down the reps to what I could handle and at only 2 rounds.  By doing this I was able to not overdue it and still get my morning run in tomorrow without being so sore that I c wont want to move.

20r / 20r  speed squats {20r}
30s / 30s  elbow plank {30 sec}
15r / 10r  push-ups {20r}
06r / 06r  burpees {10r}
10r / 06r  alternative lunges {20r}
30s / 30s  elbow plank {30 sec}
10r / 10r  tricep dips {20r}
10r / 10r  squat jumps {20r}

Bikini Body Day 3 Cardio 
  Run {4 min} Walk {2 min} Intervals
  24:39 255 cal {12:16 avg mile} 2.01 miles
  I ran out of time to do the full 45 minutes, but I still managed to get a short run in,
  and not bad for still getting up early and doing brisk air run.

Active Rest Day

Rest Day

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