Monday, December 24, 2012

2012-12-17 SSuM: It's a process

I have to keep reminding myself that everyday is part of the process and that each day I keep moving strong I will end up at my goal.

Personal Health
Taking time out to refresh yourself; mind, body or soul

17 Monday:
No workout - Grocery / Meal Prep Day

18 Tuesday: 
Elliptical - 25 minutes
3402 strides / 6 resistance / 8 incline / 259 calories

It Starts with Food pp. 141-152
Tomorrow begins Ch. 14 Veggies and Fruit

Bikini Body Momma Day 4
Complete 1 round of 20 reps each exercise with 10 secs rest inbetween
Except after Exercise #4 and #8 rest 1 minute.

Set 1:
20r  Push Ups {mod.}
20r  High Knees {30sec}
15r  Push Ups {mod.}
19r  High Knees {30sec}

Set 2:
10r Alternating Lunges
12r  Tricep Dips
10r Alternating Lunges
10r  Tricep Dips

Set 3: 
12r Squat Jumps
       Elbow Planks {30 sec}
10r Squat Jumps
       Elbow Planks {30 sec}

19 Wednesday:
Bikini Body Momma Day 5
Today I was supposed to wake up early and complete Day 5, however, I was so zonked from doing a complete overhaul to my bedroom from 8pm - 12:30am that I slept right thr9ough my alarm. My Plan B was to complete it tonight, but I ended up shopping at two thrifty stores, make a return to Marshals, and hit the general store for some much needed household maintenance items. 

20 Thursday:
Today again I passed on working out in the morning.  I was zonked with another late night and thought I'll workout after my chiropractor appt.  I cleaned up a bit before heading upstairs and was really procrastinating the idea of working out since by then it was 8pm and it was getting close to bedtime.  I ended up laying in bed for 20 minutes thinking about working out and then when I saw 8:20pm I had felt a rush of instance to get up and just get dressed.  so I did.  I went downstairs and warmed up on the elliptical for about 10 minutes then headed to my room where I had loads of space {since my bedroom overhaul} to workout and so lead to completing Day AND ALSO writing my workout days on my dry erase calender board.  I even command stripped it to the wall above my dresser and left a dry erase marker close by so I can cross of each day.  

cardio Completed 8:20pm!
Elliptical: 10:40 mins / Incline 7 / Resistance 6 / Resistance 1490 / Calories112

Bikini Body Momma take 2 Day 5
3 Rounds with 10 secs rest in between each exercises, except after #4 rest 1 minute
I only completed 2 rounds.

Circuit 2 Rounds
10r / 10r  Alternating Lunges{full sets}
07r / 06r  Burpees
20r / 16r  Push Ups {mod.}
30s / 30s High Knees {30 seconds; completed 21r each time}
10r / 10r  Tricep Dips
20r / 20r Speed squats
10r / 10r  Squat Jumps
1 m / 1m  Elbow Planks

rest 2 minutes after each round

21 Friday Bikini Body Momma Day 6
Elliptical: 50 minutes/ Incline 7 / Resistance 6 / Strides 6760 / Calories 520


22 Saturday:
Bikini Body Momma Day 7
I took the lazy way and chose not to workout

23  Sunday:
Bikini Body Momma Day 8
I finally got to my workout around 7 tonight, but I completed my cardio day and even fit in yesterdays workout.

warm up: Elliptical - 5:48
                 6 resistance / 7 incline
                 828 strides / 112 calories

Bikini Body Momma Day 9
8 Count Body Builder
Perform as many rounds (positions 1-8 = 1 rep) as you can
completed 42 rounds

yesterday's cardio: Elliptical - 45 min
                 6 resistance / 7 incline
                 6708 strides / 514 calories

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