Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013-02-03 Paleo Delights

I feel a bit silly today {Monday} since after going to review my post and seeing nothing, but my signature. Oops. I was so busy this weekend focusing on some craft and my bed project that I totally forgot to add my delights for the week. So I decided to take the post down so I could make the much needed additions of the interesting dishes I made last week.

Healthy Breakfast: by Michele Foley
This breakfast was surprising filling and delicious and only took 2 minutes to prepare.  I used my tupperware with 3 dividers and had enough to make for 3 mornings.  The cottage cheese lactaid freeand tomatoes I put in their own section and the cucumber and avocado I added to the same and when I was ready to eat my breakfast I mixed everything together.    This will definitely be a breakfast I'll be using again on my menu. 

Zesty Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad  by Skinny Taste
I made the mistake of adding more onion then the 1/4 cup that the recipe called for and even with the juice of 2 lemons it was still a bit onionie.  I thought it would be okay, because I love onions, but really I love sauteed onions not raw unless it's on a burger.  I still enjoyed the receipt, but it's one of those that even 3 days in a raw is a bit much, plus the shrimp was about $7 for the lb so I'm not likely to make it again unless I'm spending less on the shrimp. 

No Bake Energy Bites by Gimme Some Oven
These were very very yummy and I wanted to keep eating them.  The recipe made 15, but I ate most of them before I remembered to take the photo.  Also, in order to form the mixture into balls I had to add a bit more honey then the recipe called for. 

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