Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013-02-06 GID January Cure Updates

Since the January Cure began I've been working hard on little and big projects and thankfully, finally crossing off house to do's off my list.  My main floor is looking pretty amazing right now and is actually presentable for guest.  I had thought I would throw a Mimosa and Pancakes brunch for my gathering, but with still so much to do I've decided to keep it small and just have an old friend over for dinner instead.  I plan to still host the Mimosa party, but after I've repainted the first level and hopefully by then I'll have sold my one-arm sofa and IKEA Adobode Wardrobe {using for coat storage} and replaced them with an IKEA TJUSIG coat rack and IKEA Strandmon Wing Back Chair.



Lately, my mind has been going in lots of design directions for my bedroom, kitchen and office/guest bath and I've got lots of index cards with ideas that are ready to be implemented.  Last weekend I headed to JoAnn Fabrics and gathered a few supplies, but will need to revisit and swap out a few items in order to finish.

Here are a few index designs I'm working on:

I'm really loving this design and that it inspires me to wake up in the morning.  I had originally thought to spell out WAKE UP, then went to MORNING, and am now set on RISE & SHINE.  Once the letters have been wrapped in yarn and spray painted the gallery will be added in between my windows.  The current gallery wall will be taken down that I had added in my last bedroom redesign, but didn't have any particular meaning. The mirror is one I purchased second hand and plan to paint the cream plastic floral frame white to match my RIBBA IKEA high gloss white frame.  It's also a nice symbol for the sun. 

I have a beautiful heavy duty copper frame that's 24x36 that has an ordinary print that I'm not a fan of, but I love the frame. I've been on a debate on what to do with this, but now plan to hang it to the left of my bed with the quote from Paul Reese Believe You can do it, Think no other way, but "Yes You Can." The Human Body is Capable of considerably more physical endurance then most of us can believe. I really love this quote and hope to read it everyday as a reminder that I can be more and do more then I think I can. The art print I plan to spray paint white and then use stencils to paint the letters on.

I purchased a gallon of the Sea Glass {minty green} for my guest bath and the Endive {celery green} for my kitchen as well as a KILLZ primer to paint over the California surfer blue that's currently on the wall.  I also purchased sample of the nimbus cloud {grey} to see if I want it on more than one wall.  I'm pretty excited for the colors and look forward to seeing the new colors on my wall.  The plan is to tackle that this Saturday and forgo my trip to IKEA.  I figure it would be best to go when I can also Purchase the Wing Back Chair - once the sofa and IKEA wardrobe is sold. 

October 22, 2013 update
I have since decided not to do the rise and shine cardboard letter art nor the copper frame art, but I did spray paint the flower mirror and am using it above my dresser as part of my make up station.


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    1. Thanks. Agreed, just wish I had the space :) I found the coat rack on craigslist for $30 less then the store price, so I'll be glad to swap the two out and gain some much needed space.