Friday, March 1, 2013


I've been having a lot of fun lately on my thrifting adventures and thought I would share what I've found.

Some Time Ago Find
I found these a few months back and wasn't sure what I would do with them, but for $2.50 for the pair I figured I would find a use.  They currently, are living happy at the base of my bed housing my workout shoes and attire for the next day.  

I {heart} this scarf.  I can't believe I went through the whole store and never knew it existed, luckily they had a scarf bin at the checkout table and I just happened to browse through it quickly while waiting in line to pay and I when I saw it my eyes lit up.  I couldn't wait until it was cold enough so I could wear it.   

Last Week Finds
I found this a few weeks back, and it took a week once I bought it to finally get it washed, but I knew when I found it that it would be the perfect addition for my bedroom as my bedside throw.

I love the vintage feel of this deer photo and even at full price I had to take it home.  I love the purple undertones and that it reminds me of feeding and watching the deer when I worked up in Huntingdon.

All, I have to say is wow, this purse had me written all over it.  It's so vintage chic.  I couldn't image why anyone would give this up until I got it home and tried to use the coin zipper and the inside was stuck together.  Luckily, I don't really need that part and it gives me time to clean it up.  Plus, the other two pockets are fine, which I'm pretty sure it's meant to hold a checkbook.

I have a small growing collection of coffee mugs, so needless to say I felt a bit guilty buying 3 more, but I took them home anyways even at $1 each.  I did  go through my collection and decided to part with my 4 IKEA white and green ceramic mugs as these really have the unique and vintage look I want for my home. 

Tuesday Store 1
I just adore the warm feeling of the colors of these s/p shakers and I just had to have them for my collection.  I know there not genuine mcm, and their color tag was not on clearance I took them home anyway.

Even after buying the last throw I couldn't resist this beautiful reversible quit.  I couldn't find a brand tag, so I'm not really sure if I over paid, but it's so lovely and adds a warmth to my room that makes me glad I didn't leave it to the fates & wait for the day they have everything 50% off.

Tuesday Store 2
I was elated when I saw this piece, a ceramic and wood Trivet with a lovely pattern.  It's perfect for my living room.  I had to take the feet off and need to attach some command strips before I can hang it.

I couldn't resist buying it, even though I really don't drink.  I loved the wood like material and mcm feel and I knew that at some point I would have a glass of wine that will need a cork screw. 
I had actually purchased a plate set at Store 1 prior to coming to this store.  I had seen the last set the previous Thursday, but wasn't willing to pay the 12.99 price tag.  I was glad to see it was still there, but strangly had a hesitation about buying the set, and knew when I saw these that was why.

They are exactly the size and style I was searching for and after finding them for $17.50 each on ebay I pretty much made out.  Since I don't need both sets I added the Desert Rose pattern by Royal China / Jeannette Company to my newly started etsy shop. 

Sneak Peak
I had this mirror in a few locations and finally found a home in my bedroom as part of my morning art wall, noted in my January Cure Update post.   Finally, when I painted my kitchen I managed to take some time to give it 2 coats of High Gloss spray paint since after bleaching it for about a week to attain the crips while color I wanted for the project. I also spray painted the RI for RISE, and also the same week I made it back to JoAnn's to return my letters from MORNING and some fabric and purchased the SE letters.  They are awaiting to be spray painted. 

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