Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013-02-05 January Cure w3

Day 15: Exercise a little Cord Control
Our cell phone cords are the main cords I would love to be able to tame.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to make them not seem so obnoxious?  The TV cords on the main floor are our second problem area.  We did have our contractor split our cable connection in the living room so we could keep the old cable connection, but also have a connection on the wall where we currently have the TV and it's so nice not seeing the cord.  The rest of the house the cords are very minimal so I'm not to concerned with those. 

Day 16: Give your Bathroom and Medicine Cabinet a Clean out
My bathroom is actually pretty sparse since I don't really have anything to store what i use on.  I currently have a very small bookshelf that's only 6" wide to hold what doesn't fit on my sink.  I do have a medicine cabinet that I plan to have installed over the toilet once I paint.   Although, our bathroom / laundry room, which currently is my mom's bathroom is a total disaster.  You would never have known that I did help her clean it out.  I don't understand how one person can have so much stuff.

I have finally decided on paint colors for the bathroom to and I'm pretty excited to start, especially since once the wall is painted I can hang up the towel rod, medicine cabinet and art piece.  Then once I have more funds I can swap out the lighting and mirror.

The main color will be Sea Glass by Martha Steward and the Chevron pattern I plan to paint Popcorn by Martha Stewart.  I will most likely repaint the trim to

Day 17: Looking at Living Room Lighting
We currency have 3 light sources for the living room, the ceiling fan light,  a table lamp when your first enter, and a natural light floor lamp that we use for reading.  We use the table lamp most as it allows some light into the room for TV viewing and then the floor lamp is behind the sofa ready to be turned on when we want to use the computer or read.  The ceiling fixture is rarely used as it's very bright and not usually needed. 

We do have small windows in the living on the same wall as the door, which allows some natural light in, but living in the city we don't tend to open the curtains much.  The curtains are wonderful for privacy, but also allow some light to reflect into the room

Even with all these lights it still seems a bit dull in the room and I will definitely be on the search for a more mcm floor lamp to put in the back corner. 

Day 18: Weekend Chores Flowers, Living Room & Empty your Outbox
There is still much cleaning out of furniture needed before I do a deep clean of the living room and possibly a new paint color for my focal point wall in the dining room.  Like selling my IKEA Anadobe wardrobe, IKEA TV stand and a tall 70s style bookcase

We did take two 2x3 boxes of stuff out of the house and we have a 2' pile up of books that will be going to the goodwill once they are written up. 
Plus, on Sunday February 3rd we donated  this box of books to the Goodwill.  The two vintage suitcases I am giving to a friend of mine who also collects vintage items.

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