Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013-03-24 Paleo Delights: Whole 30

Sorry for the late posting today, but I've been under the weather since Thursday with a horribly sore throat and cough and I hadn't added the curry chicken until today.  

Sweet Potato Hash over Eggs by Nom Nom Paleo
I tell you that if you have a food processor grater option your going to want to use it for this recipe.  I have 2 small ones, and neither of them have this option so I used a grater tub, but my right arm was hurting after grating just one jumbo yam.

This was an easy recipe despite the hand grating option is very yummy and you can change up the taste by changing up the spices.  I made two eggs each morning and then just microwaved the sweet potato hash for about 40 seconds. 

Mixed Greens & Chicken Stir Fry
I just sauteed some chicken cubes and some mixed vegetables from a grocery package and then added some fresh veggies and mixed greens and spinach.  Then added some dressing; though my dressing is not whole30 approved, but I have a love of poppyseed dressing that I just can't be denied.

Cauliflower Rice & Curry Chicken w Steamed Broccoli
by The Food Lovers Kitchen and Angel'as Whole 30

I spent a few hours putting these meals together, but so worth it.  I didn't have any chicken breast on on hand so I used some leftover rotisserie chicken that was less then the amount called for so I split the curry chicken recipe in half.

I was disappointing at how bland it was as I was expecting at least a small punch, but noting.  It could have been one of many reasons like not using real chicken breast, the recipe wasn't spicy to begin with, not using turmeric as I had none on hand or I had a severe sore throat and my sinus were beginning to get stuffed up.  Though I'm thinking it was really more due to the recipe not calling for much spice and the lack of turmeric.

The cauliflower rice was pretty yummy.  My food processors are small so I had to cute the head o cauliflower in multiple batches so it gives me another good reason to buy a larger food processor for sides such as this.  As much as I love real white rice it has no nutritional value, and brown rice isn't very appetizing, mainly because I can never cook it right.   Outside of dicing the cauliflower the only other work to make cauliflower rice is to add a few spices and saute it for a few minutes.   

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