Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting back to Happy

After some hesitation mainly because I always find recipes with ingredients that are a no go for this program right when I'm thinking about starting it again.  Plus, the idea of choosing not to drink coffee, eat peanut butter or chobani for an entire 30 days is really hard for me.  I l live on these foods.  However, in order to be successful with the Whole30 Program it's really a necessity to give them up for a short period, otherwise I defeat the purpose of the program.  

I've been wanting to start this up again, because my body is feeling the weight gain and it's not looking good on me.   I'm not a lazy person and I enjoy working out....well I used to.  Hell, I used to live for it.  Every weekday I would wake up at 5:30am have my morning cup of coffee and a light breakfast before heading to the gym and get my workout in all before work at 8:30am.  The winter months bring me into a lazy lull and it's been the hardest this year to pull myself back out.   I think the cure would be to just live in San Diego where it's sunny year round - lots of natural Vitamin D = happiness, and being near my best friend.  I'm thinking maybe next year I may make this move, even if only a year or two, and then come back to the house once I've lived a little longer. 

Some other benefits of the Whole 30 program is a reset  in my metabolism, and bad cravings so I'm not eating foods that make me feel bad about myself afterwards, which has been a regular thing for me lately.  My routine has been to curl up on the couch and just eat.   Before when I worked out regularly my body was able to burn most of the foods that make me feel bad about myself afterwards and I would just even out on the scale each month.  However, now that I've been more sediment I see the damage it's doing to my body and it makes it harder to get the motivation to work out since I've gained the weight. 

I decided to make a calendar that I can look at each day to see how far I've made it on the program and I've added two milestone dates.  The first is on the 30th where I'll be heading to DC for a big dance events and it will be nice to have a short term -more instant gratification to look forward to.  30 days is a long time to stay motivated without something in between to keep me pushing forward.  The second is the 16th of April, my birthday, so it will be worth the effort to feel my best on my birthday.  Plus, I'll be heading back to DC for that weekend for another dance event, and I will be enjoying feeling and looking good.  

Calendar Part 1: first half of the Whole 30 program

Calendar Part 2: second half of the Whole 30 program

During this time I also plan to do cardio every day whether it's 10 minutes or 45 minutes and I also want to build up my endurance so that on April 1st I can begin the Bikini Body Momma 90-day program again.  I had started in back in December, but only a few weeks in I realized my body wasn't ready for this program yet.  By doing some workouts beforehand it will help to warm my body up for the intense body weight workouts in the program and I've also modified the calendar to include 2 rest days so my body has sufficient recovery time between workouts and I can complete the program successfully.

So my Goals are....
By doing the Whole30 Program I plan to lose at least 5 lbs of water weight aka bloating from eating the foods that aid in helping me to feel bad about myself, which would leave me back at 150lbs.  I also hope to reset my metabolism so my body will continue to burn fat even when resting, and move toward muscle building exercises that will tone my body.

Tuesday, March 19
Self Pity Day
Today I did good up until I hit the couch and watched the finally of The Biggest Loser and realized I need to do something. I also knew that more and more dance events are coming up that I will be at and I want to look and feel my best for them. Dancing takes a lot of energy and the only way to keep up is to fuel my body right and be active on non dance days.

Tuesday, March 19
Day 1: Cardio
I woke myself up early this morning & slept in my workout clothes ~ no excuses ~ to get in a good cardio since I've been slacking on completing any good cardio at home. Ive been dancing more often, but I need more cardio then that during the week.

it feels really good to sweat this morning. Goal is to Repeat 3x this week. Now for breakfast.

Minutes: 50
Strides: 7120
Calories: 526
Resistance: 5
Incline: 7

bed: 10pm

Wednesday, March 20
Day 2: Toning
I woke myself up early again this morning & slept in my workout clothes ~ no excuses ~ to get in a short cardio & a toning exercise.

Minutes: 25
Strides: 3660
Calories: 278
Resistance: 5
Incline: 7

Toning: 20 minutes
Work it Off Wednesday by She Rocks Fitness
2 Rounds ~ no rest
20 / 20 deep bw squats
50 / 40 Mountain Climbers
1m / 1m Wall Sits
30 / 30 Plank Touch Opposite Shoulder

* rest 1 minute *

2 Rounds ~ no rest
5 / 5 Burpees
15 / 15 Triceps Dips
20 / 20 Step ups (10 ea leg / no alt.)
1m / 1m Plank

I only completed 2 of the 3 rounds in 20 minutes and I wasn't able to do the full reps for some of the exercises ~ for now :)

bed: 11pm

Thursday, March 21
Day 3: Cardio
I woke up 15 minutes later and I had to around my shower time, and also thought I should change my alarm to when I need to hit the showers instead of out the door, since by the time my alarm goes to get out the door I'm just getting out of the shower.

Also, it's been very hard making it through the day without my coffee.  So far my body is having a hard time staying awake.  I did get to bed an hour later then I'd hoped to, so that may be a reason as well.  I also woke up this morning with a tightness in my throat and I hope it's not leading to a sinus infection. 

Minutes: 45
Strides: 6420
Calories: 490
Resistance: 5-6
Incline: 7

Minutes: 18-26
Resistances: 7
Incline: 7

bed: 9pm
By the time I finished pretty my salad for lunch tomorrow and making curry chicken and cauliflower rice, plus more sweet potato hash I was pretty beat.  I also washed 2 sets of dishes and steamed mopped the main floor area of the kitchen.  I also realized how handy it would be to have a food processor that had a julienne slicer again.  My right arm was sore after julienne 2 jumbo size yams. 

Friday, March 22
Day 4: Cardio + Toning
When I woke up this morning my throat felt swollen, like an allergic reaction in my mouth.  It was awful.  I went downstairs to get my cough drops and found some gateraide to drink while I did my workout.  I headed for the Elliptical for my warm up and then up to the 3rd floor workout space to complete my toning exercises via She Rocks Fitness.   After reviewing the workout yesterday I decided it would be good to modify the number of reps to match where my fitness level is currently.  I knew that if I tried to complete the number noted I would burn out on round one so I split the reps in half.  It was still an intense workout and I could feel the see the sweat lightly dripping.

I am still coffee free, though it's really hard today since I'm feeling pretty lightheaded and really just tired from whatever aliment is plaguing me.  I may end up leaving work early to rest. 

Minutes: 20
Strides: 2650
Calories: 206
Resistance: 6
Incline: 7

Work it Off Wednesday #3
Time: 16 minutes (7:28-7:44am)

2 Rounds w 1 min rest between rounds
10 - deep bw squats
03 - burpees
10 - modified push ups
10 - alt. reverse lunges
03 - burpees
30s - planks

2 Rounds w 1 min rest between rounds
10 - deep bw squats
15 - mountain climbers
08 - triceps dips
15 - mountain climber
10 - alt reverse lunges
15 - mountain climber
30s - plank

Saturday, March 23
Day 6: Rest

bed: midnight

Sunday, March 24
Day 7: Cardio
Since Friday I've not been feeling well and have had a sore throat, so much that it hurts very badly when I cough so it took all I had to gather the energy to workout before brunch, but I knew that once I ate I was going to be down on the couch for the rest of the day.

I had slept very long today as well.  I woke up at 6am this morning only take another dose of equate night time liquid and headed back to sleep until 11:30am when I finally decided to get up and wash all my sheets and took a very steamy shower to help relieve some of the mucus buildup.  

Minutes: 45
Strides: 6310
Calories: 490
Resistance: 6
Incline: 7

I've made it a whole week without coffee! Only 3 more weeks to go.

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