Monday, March 4, 2013

2013-03-04 CAP Saying Goodbye to the Series

I've decided after some thought about whether I would keep this series that it's time to call it an end.  I feel as though both clear a path and get it down can go hand in hand, so I will be continuing get it done and then allowing myself some freedom to throw in a fun out of the norm post here and there and this way it can keep things fresh and fun.

It's mainly because, I've just been feeling rushed trying to get everything in and trying to have 4 solid posts each week is a bit much, especially since there are so many projects left to do at the house that I really should be working on instead .  This will allow me to post smaller projects that I complete either on my get it done series or maybe every so often on a Friday aka Fun Fridays, but it wont be a weekly series.

I've had a lot of fun adding the 2013 January Cure to my clear a path series and I am loving how my home is molding into a place I want to be, because of the series  I'll continue to create update posts about my Project List from the January Cure since I didn't complete everything I wanted and any DIY's I work on.

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