Monday, April 15, 2013

{Weekend Organizer} Run Strong

As a designer I have so many ideas running though my head at one given time, so it's nice when I finally see something come to fruition and my running inspiration wall is one of them. When my bed was angled I had planned exactly where I was going to put whatever inspiration I needed up using, but since moving my bed I had a design relapse. It took me a few weeks to figure out how to create before an asymmetrical design while still being visible when I wake up and I'll I had to do was move my mirror down a few feet.  Though this was after my bedroom spruce up since the last bedroom design.  
I had a few ideas at first and wanted to use some crafty ideas, but ended up keeping it simple and I'm really glad how it turned out.  Here are some art ideas I had thought about adding to the wall 1) run 2) felt banner 2) run strong 

Finally when I did a spurce up in my bedroom on 26th of March my running inspiration wall finally happened and I have to say I'm pretty happy wiht the results.  It's simple, but says what I need.

Large Frame: IKEA ODBY

Art: Quote by Gossip Girl. 
Live: Marshall's 
Med. Frame: IKEA Ribba White 
Art: Liberate Your Inner Awesome - found online
R: Cardboard letter is from Micheal's and I spray painted it a high gloss white
Embroidery hoop I found at a thrifty store after seeing this DIY
Green Clock: I had this on hand and don't really remember where or when I bought it.

View from my bed

I knew I wanted the clock there so I could read it, but it just didn't look right until I added the embroidery hoop.  It really adds some symmetry and I love the over all. I plan to add a real bookcase where the rubbermaid laundry shelf currently is to hold my shoes and workout books.  I may even bring down all my magazine, but maybe not.  I just have a plain white cheap 3 shelf bookshelf that I plan to paint and fabric the back of the wall with some fabric I found at JoAnn's.  The fabric really helps to inspire, but still adds a feme-retro look.

What ways do you have to create inspiration to run or workout?

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