Monday, April 8, 2013

Pvbody shows it all

I'm so excited that my month 2 PVBody shipment has arrived!  Yippee.  Though I have to say I was a bit nervous about how they were going to fit, heck if they were even going to fit, especially after my disappointment on having to send back the Capri's in my January shipment.  I could feel how tight they were and it made me realize that PVBody is not meant for all body types.  So if your a bit on the plump side PV Body / Ellie is only going to leave you feeling discouraged. I find that my body type is on the borderline; some pieces fit okay, but most just make me feel really fat. 

pvbody/ellie Racer Back from February, paired with yoga pants & Lululemon brisk run headband.

I did keep the top from my January shipment, however, after trying it on the other day I realized that I had obviously gained some weight since the shipment, because it was pretty tight.   So after receiving this months shipment I was glad to see that everything for the most part fit.  At the moment I wouldn't wear them together, but would pair them with other items.  The top I actually wore for my run the other day, under a Lululemon running jacket.  The pants I would wear with a loose fitting top, but I've just gained to much weight around my hips and waist to have the confidence to wear it outside the house.


Friday, April 5
37:33 Walk / 2.11 miles / 190 calories

Booty Firm Up by Bodyrock
20:20 intervals
Round 1
Explosive Star 12/5/6 + Plank to Pike Jump 4/4/4
Round 2
Pendulum 28/18/20 + Seated Bicycle 16/16/20
Round 3
Modified Push-Ups 7/11/9 + Flying Scissors 11/14/14

Sunday, April 7
39:05 Run / 3.60 miles / 420 calories
+ Power 90 Ab Ripper 100

18:41 Doggy Walk / 0.57 miles / 57 calories

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