Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013-04-01 FM cough, blow, sweat

I'm a day late with this post, but this past week has been miserable and I'm surprised I've even gotten any workouts in at all with how I've been feeling.  I'm not sure how I was passed the nastiest of colds, but I have it and the doctor was of no help.  She basically told me to keep taking the OTC meds I had been taking and then prescribed some $20 flonase which really was of no help. 

I've had this cold for the past two weeks, and it wont shake off.  I feel as awful today as I did the first few days.   It starts out with the worst sore throat that will hurt every time you cough, but luckily this will only last a day or two until it moves into congestion and mucus build up and a dry cough.  It will stay here for a while and then it will build up into your ear canal and there it will linger.  I pray that you miss this spell of a cold.

I had started taking liquid Dayquil and NyQuil which helped tame the cough, but now it doesn't seem to phase the congestion so I switched to DayQuil gel caps.  Now I think it's time for the big guns...Musinex, the mucus killer.  I hope this works, as this cold has killed so many of my nights out this last week and is making my mornings miserable with a dry nasal cavity and a coughing fit.  

Here are what workouts I managed to get in.  

Thursday, March 28
30min Tone it Up Self D10
Morning Run
Minutes: 30.07
Miles: 2.66
Calories: 302

Work it Off Wednesday #7
20 deep squats
05 burpees
20 tricep dips
1 min plank

Friday, March 29
Light Cardio
Minutes: 15:19
Strides: 2200
Calories: 169
Resistance: 5
Incline: 8

Mini Ab Circuit
3 rounds w 30 sec rests between rounds
10 Russian twists
08 mod push ups
15 crunches

Lunch: Work for it
30/20/20 Mountain Climbers
20/20/20 Standing Russian Twist

Saturday, March 30
30min Tone it Up Self D10
Morning Run
Minutes: 37:45
Miles: 3.54
Calories: 414

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