Wednesday, April 3, 2013

{Weekend Organizer} Martha and Endive

It's been a whole months since I painted the kitchen, so I apologize for taking this long with the Martha Saves the day Series.  I've just been distracted and I know how many photos I took that day, and I think I've just been avoiding the whole post. Though If you've been following me on instagram, then you've already seen these photos. 

The day was long and hard and it'snot a day I want to go back and redue.  Though I am very happy with the outcome and do look forward to actually finishing the kitchen.  It makes me excited to begin working on the rest of my living space colors so that everything will flow together.  Though looking at everything that I will be painting over is a bit overwhelming and currently I've decided to take a break from any major expenses to the house, including painting until I can sell more items.  We've been at a major stand still with our craigslist sales so it's been hard to bring in any extra money to justify spending on more paint.

My kitchen before. Today the plan is to clear this wall, remove all hardware, seal up the holes, blue tape & add a coat of kilz primer. Godbye California blue your time has come to an end.

Top Left + Right: my walls look like they have the chicken pox,lol. The Hardware has been removed & the entire wall has been sanded. I even used my putty knife to scrap some imperfections like dried paint drips & bubbling before I added the spackle. It was a lot more work, but it will be worth it when I start to paint.

Bottom Left:   Wall spackle finally dried & now I'm wiping down the walls & trim to clean up all the dust. The rag cloth was yellow & almost all blue & I'm only halfway done. I think the rag will be completely blue once I finish. Then once the walls dry I'll begin taping then yes, finally begin painting.

Bottom Middle: Spackle dustings all swept up.

Bottom Left: Kilz primer. Say bye bye California Surfer Blue (embellished blue by Behr)

The walls were wiped down, taped, & ready for primer.   It took 2 costs of Kilz Primer around the trim & the corners to cover the blue & now my hand is sore, but now for the super fun part using the roller w the extender stick for a smooth easy application.

Looks like I'll be up until midnight at least to complete the priming process. The Kilz didn't quite kill The California Surfer blue from hell. So another coat is required to give Endive by Martha Stewart complete freedom to shine in its glorious beauty. So next a Netflix movie to allow time for the primer to dry & a much needed rest.

After a movie break & about 30 minutes to get me off the couch the 2nd coat of primer is finished. Now to bed & tomorrow I'll paint the actual color.  The time 2am.  It took from 2pm to 2am just to get this far. 

Here is my wonky wall view with 2 coats of primer.  

I'm so looking forward to seeing Endive (color on left) on the wall tomorrow.  It really stands out against the primer.

The 2nd coat of primer looks better in the morning, now that its dry.

Let the painting begin!

Painted around the trim complete. Now for the roller.

Kitchen view wonky wall after. It's so pretty, & feels light & airy. It opens up the space so much.

Kitchen after deck view. Loving the color.  This is a more accurate view of the color. 

Once everything was finished I decided to move my formica  table form the dining room into the kitchen.  Figured it would help to determine if I wanted an island there for prepping.  So far it's a much lovelier view and I'm very happy with the outcome. 

The kitchen has yet to be completed as I still need to install wall shelves above the able and paint the whole other side of the kitchen.  

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