Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Tonight has been a rather productive night for me, and I'm glad to be posting as there has been a lot happening these past 2 months that I've wanted to post, but it keeps getting pushed aside.  Well tonight I'm also pleased to say that I've been working on a new way to organize my spare room, which I'm turning into my creative room.  It's going to house all my crafts, and easy DIY projects, along with my etsy office (for 2nd hand items), and my workout space.  I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas, and my brain tonight has been moving forward towards a few wall ideas for boards and a blog calendar. 

While scouring the web tonight I found a post from my office pin board with a home gym wall vinyl that I've liked, but at some point I'd figure out what I wanted to go about using it.  Well, tonight after doing a quick search to find a better image that I could trace and create my own cardstock I headed to my bedroom where my SHARPIE Paint Pen was located and came back up to my laptop and tilted the screen, then used 2 small pieces of scotch tape to tape it to my screen and then I proceded to trace the letters (the back light of the screen made a nice light box) with the small end of my calligraphy pen.  

Once I finished, and you can see that I wasn't very neat about it I carefully pulled the tape off the screen and placed a small section of newspaper under it, just in case it bled through, and used my paint pen and colored it in.  I took a little more time with this part, but overall the project took less then 2 hours. 

My creative space color scheme is going to be pink, black and white, so I luckily I had white cardstock and a black paint pen already on hand.  I decided I wanted to use pink for SLEEP, but not until after I already filled in the SL so only EEP will be pink.

Calligraphy Pen
Cardstock, color of choice.
laptop or light box if you have a printable

Once I trimmed my 8x10 card stock I found some inspiring scrapbook paper and trimmed it to fit the frame and then used double sided tape and laid the print right on top.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome and now I just need to find an appropirate frame for it and buy a pink paint pen to finish sleep.  I took it outside so you could see how nice it really came out.  the lighting in my creative space is pretty bad since it's a converted attic.

It's now residing on my workout stand next to my pants bin.  At some point I'll hang it on the wall, but I need to remember to grab some command strips from my the main floor.

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