Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a disappointing row of campers

It was quite an adventure the weekend of the 11th, especially with my car breaking down Friday on the Carlisle Army Barracks when my mom took it for a doctors appointment.   The car spent several days there after trying to have it towed with USAA, but the towing company they chose didn't have updated insurance papers with them so the guards, due to protocol, couldn't allow him on the base.  It was pretty disappointing since we waited over 2 hours for the truck to get there, but the guard was very nice about it and suggested that we head over to the main office to inform them that the car would be at the clinic parking lot for a few more days so they don't tow it. 

We had to use USAA since I had just added towing on my insurance the day prior.  We both thought I had it on the Mazda, but turns out I didn't follow through.  I couldn't call my insurance company after only requesting the insurance the day prior so we called my mom's insurance.  It still made sense since she was the one driving the car and in the end it did end up in our favor and we didn't have to pay the additional mileage after the 13 free miles.  You know you have a good insurance company when they cover the additional mileage, because the same company who came out Saturday tells you Monday that they don't go on military bases and a whole new company came out without any issues.  We know that either a) none of their trucks papers were updated or b) they didn't like when my mom told them that she refused to pay the additional mileage because now she had to drive back out to Carlisle, which is a 30 minute drive all because they weren't prepared to go on a military base and the insurance company agreed with us.  

With all of this happening Saturday it killed most of my day and I didn't make it out to the fabric store until about 7pm, and so it was sometime after 9pm until we managed to make our way to the basement to add more items to sell at the flea market.  I had planned on going to bed early, but finally shut off the lights sometime after midnight.  Mom had headed to be a little before me, but when the alarm went off we were both at a slow crawl and didn't manage to leave the house until 8am, an hour later than our start last week.   We did also load my car before heading out since the van was pretty full and we wanted to add a few more items to our inventory this week and again hoping to leave with a few less items then what we came with a few extra dollars in our pockets.

When we drove up the hill and around the first lot of campers we had anticipated seeing another vendors already set up, but instead saw more campers.  Yep, the RV show that was just supposed to be next weekend was also showing this weekend and taking up the back lot for more campers.  It was bad enough that we were starting our home purge at the tale end of the Harrisburg's flea market season and then to lose another week it was a bit of a blow to our progress.

There was however a single vendor who had set up along the main roadside to the market and according to the RV entrance guard was doing well with stopping traffic since everyone was under the impression the flea market was happening this weekend.   We were up a creek and trying to figure out what our best option was a) stay here and set up like the guard suggested or b) drive to our potential option where guaranteed traffic would be and other vendors.   Luckily my mom suggested that we look up to make sure we could just show up and set up like we could here, because they wasn't the case.  had we of driven there we would have been turned away due to not preregistering with them and not having a tax id number. 

In the end we were pretty satisfied with our decision to stay, because we left with what we made last week and a few less toys and home items. 

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