Friday, September 20, 2013

{weekend organizer} creating simplified + organized files p1

part 1: starting the purging process
I feel good tonight knowing that I've purged a little more in my office / spare room / workout nook on the 3rd floor.  It's kind of our catch all space and I really hate that about it.  I really want it to be a functional space where I can pay bills, workout, and get things ready to post on ebay/etsy/craigslist.   My workout area is actually the only place I like up here, and I redid that a few weeks ago, though I haven't gotten around to blogging about it.  I actually have a lot of posts I want to publish, but I haven't felt like typing them since I tend to write a book and would love to learn how to master the short hand of writing posts quickly, and still have something worth reading when I'm done.

I have several boxes with stuff piled in them, and I really had just been avoiding them and for some reason while looking for a Martha Stewart Paint pamphlet, which I didn't find, I decided to go through and sort some of the piles.  I was also hoping I would find a recipe for the one-piece bathing suit I ended up not wearing for my lake house trip (yep, another post I've yet to write), but no luck.  However, I did end up with several piles of now semi-organized papers.

I don't have a before photo since this wasn't planned and my phone was floors down on my dining room table, but just image the drawer 3/4 full of paper piles and the weaved basket overflowing w miscellaneous items and 3 shirts.    

I ended up with a few piles 1) doctor/monthly bills paid automatically 2) online purchase and non-home bills 3) work papers 4) paper recycle 5) to be shredded 6) coupons and misc papers 7) empty file folders and I even managed to sort through my receipt bin. 

Luna decided to make himself a bed out of my paper recycle bin after I was done and then later ended up in the shoe box.

Now that these piles are sorted I can finally get to reorganzing my personal files, which I plan to do similarly to Fabulous Organized Home and her post on how to Simply & Organize Your Personal Files.   I found it 11 days ago and her site has been helping me to figure out how to organize my mini-weekend projects so I can actually start to accomplish things instead of just surfing pinterest collecting really cool ideas.   

Currently I use a binder system, which I love using at work, but I've not had the same success with it at home so I'm looking forward to the change.  What are some filing systems you've had success with?

Steps to complete:
1) buy folders & labels
2) buy colored pencils 
3) create labels
4) put in alpha order & insert into file drawer.

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