Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Labels and Title Changes

Decided it was time to update a few of my titles and tags since there are a few series I started, but never stuck with or others like Get it Done, Clear a Path & Organizing Me all seemed to mean the same thing to me after awhile and I felt to many posts were had several tags and the whole reason for tags is to separate posts so readers can find items of interest without scouring through everything else.  so I took some time Wednesday night and started deleting a few of the tags, however a few of them have more than 10 posts so it will take me some time to eliminate all the ones I feel are no longer useful for me or you, the reader.

After reading the  {Weekend Organizer} post by Fabulously Organized Home my head began to spin with new ways to categories my home projects and I really want to bring that into my tags, so you'll start to see these 10 minute / 60 minute / weekend organizer , which equal the length of the DIY or craft project.  I feel this will be more specific and easier to choose then Git It Done Wednesday, clear a path, before & after, and organizing me.

I also liked a blogger's wording when she was talking about the quotes that made her happy and she labeled those on her desktop page as happiness, so this will be all of the things that create a happy feeling in my heart.

All my dance exchange, and events for Lindy Hop will be under dance life.

All of my exercise, workout logs, running gear and anything fitness related will now be fit life and will take the place of sunny side up Sunday's, personal Health, and Life Adventures.

I love the words second hand love so that will hold all of my thrifty finds, and MCM Love.

Recipes will now carry the label yumminess, and paelo delight Sunday will simply be paleo.

Any projects that I found via pinterest will now be under pinned it instead of pinterest project

I also decided to add a few new labels to the mix.
  • house love - for some of my favorite images of my home
  • kitten life - to show the kittens as they are growing or any that host my corgi
  • lululemon - a favorite of mine for workout wear
  • to do list - home project lists, where I list a bunch of to do's that I would like to get done.

What are some of your favorite labels you have on your blog.
Also, let me know what you think of the new changes.

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