Monday, August 26, 2013

Style Cure : Update #2

It's already Day 18 lock in your furniture layout and I've yet to get much further then cleaning up my room which is already messy again & I ended up taking back the southwestern rug, find picture inspiration and, think about the furniture layout.  Really it's just been daunting trying to figure out what I want and then sticking to the plan.  As I think I've found what I want and then I get distracted again and feel lost and end up stocking in my tracks.  


I fear that my perfectionist personality and very small budget inhibits me from going any further in my design plan, but I really want to become someone who makes things happen instead of wishing that it was already done.  I know that when I've completed this project I'm going to really love my main living area.

This week I spent more time doing research on what would work for my space, especially when it comes to which walls are going to have what color and I'm happy to say that after seeing the design sponge sneak peak on Kiera Kushlan I knew exactly what I wanted for my dining room.  As well as seeing this entry way I hope to make it a reality by the end of the year in my home.  I hope that it will help to define the living space.

I'm also really excited to have my wall colors chose and feeling pretty confident in how it's going to come out.   I plan to start with the dining room since all I need to do in there is paint, change out the light fixture to a fixture similar to this double swag pendant and hang up some art.  

I plan on doing the same design as the design as above  instead of the starburst pattern I found last week.  I feel that the curved diamond stamp still adds a vintage look, but also keeps it simple with a slight touch of modern.  The stamps is a UK product so most likely it wont ship to me, and it will take some time, so I will end up making my own or using poster board to cut out a template.

I plan to use Martha Stewart's Vapor #1 for the main walls in the dining room and Mimosa #2 for the diamond accents.  The Living room will be Nimbus Cloud #3 and the wall closest to the kitchen will be Endive #4.  I also plan to make the entry wall that goes up the stairs Vapor #1 as well.   

Once I accomplish that I will work on adding the entry wall and painting the living room and determine if I still want to use Martha Stewart's Washed Denim as my accent color in there.  

What are some of your design fears and how have you overcome them?

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