Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Lake House Fit Prep

On August 3rd a friend of mine invited me & a few others to spend the weekend at his families lake house at Wallenpaupack in the Poconos. When I looked at my planner it just so happens that I had nothing scheduled for that weekend.  Let's just say I was pretty excited, because there is going to be boating, wake boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, barbequing, campfires, swimming, sunbathing and general hanging out and so it's going to be a pretty fantastic weekend.  I messaged him back with "I'm totally free.  Would love to come."  

However, it wasn't until after I replied that the thoughts came into my head...what am I going to wear. Ahh.  I don't even know where my bathing suit is and this past week my diet has been way off healthy so I made sure to put together a sure fire plan that would help me be lake ready by the end of August.  

I found a small Mead 5x7 Five Star Notebook that I hadn't been using and used the computer to print out my cover page and some of my headers so I could trace them.  This assured that they would be more decorative then sketched. 

For some reason I typed Beach House instead of Lake House, but I didn't realize that what I did until after the page was done, so I figured it was close enough.  Either way there's a bathing suit involved.   


I also created a goal sheet.  This one I glued to the page, because it simply was more esthetically pleasing.   I know I have quite a few goals on there, but there pretty basic.   

Mainly, I want to make sure that I'm:
* exercising daily, even if it's just a short walk, juicing one meal a day.
* one TIU bombshell spellsVegan spell daily o jump start my metabolism.
* order the TIU Protein Powder
* eating lean, clean and green food.  No cheat meals or compromises. 
* prepping my meals the night prior so that everything is ready.
* getting my rest so my body can heal itself after each day's workout.

As long as I follow my guidelines the rest of my goals should follow.  There's no reason why I should drop a pant size in the next 2 weeks, as long as I'm staying true to my diet and exercise plan.

I even created a time frame page where I can list what type of exercise I'll need to have ready for that day.  I want to keep it simple, so I'll have 1 walk day, 3 run days and 3 HIIT days for strength training.  I also printed out this weeks Summer Sizzle workout schedule from TIU so I would have a few more HIIT and cardio ideas.   

 grocery cart run week 1

Meals: Week 1
M1: Omelet or Yogurt Bowl with peaches, blueberries, chia seeds and walnuts.
M2: Coconut Water an Cashews
M3: Juice It
M4: Veggies with Protein or Fruit
M5: Chicken Meatloaf Muffins with roasted brussel sprouts with Lemon
        or Spinach Quinoa Peach Salad.

Measure: Week 1
Weight 152 before

Total Inches: It's 3 days in and I've yet to get to this part. Can't find my fabric measuring tape.

What am I going to Wear??
Me, trying on the poke-a-dot at TJ MAXX

haha, while running errands on Sunday I came across 2, yes I said two bathing suits that I just loved at TJ MAXX and I came home with both of them.  I don't' plan on keeping both of them, but it was just to hard to decide so I checked the return policy and as long as the liner and tags are in tacked I can return them.  This way it gives me the next two weeks to determine if I've reached my goal enough to pull off the two piece or if I should really wear with the dress bathing suit.  

I do actually love how both of them fit and look on me, but obviously the dress bathing suit is going to be more practical for wake boarding, kayaking, or jet skiing, but I don't feel as cute and girly as the black and white poke-a-dot suit makes me feel, which would be fine for boating, socially gatherings, and sunning.  We'll see what happens once it gets closer to the weekend. 

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