Monday, August 12, 2013

Jasmine & his dumbbells

Saturday Morning Day 6 and Summary
Week 1 of my Lake House Fit Challenge is almost finished, and what a pretty amazing week it's been.  My mind is set on wearing my 2-pc to the lake house so it's been worth all the prepping for my juices and smoothie lunches and even making some "real" foods instead of grabbing a Chobani and an apple when I'm in a hurry.  

I've been feeling pretty good about the foods I'm been eating.  I'm also very happy to say that my cravings have pretty much not existed and my only day of struggle was Tuesday, Day 2.  I think it was because I skipped my M4 and I was hungry and my sugar balance was off so I wanted something sweet like cookies or such, but instead I chose to make a TIU healthy banana split.  Not craving sweets is seriously the best feeling ever! and it feels great knowing that I can live a day even a week without wanting to sit on the couch and binge.  My body is loving me more as I #RestartResetRefresh my bodies normalities and become a lean mean eating machine and I'm looking forward to continue success in my #fitlife journey.
 Healthy Banana Split

I've also been making a habit of choosing foods that TIU followers, like MadisonCary_TIU, and MegNolan_TIU, are eating as I know they are eating the right foods, exercising with TIU and they look fantastic.  At some point I would like to sign up for the TIU Nutirtion Plan so I can have my own copy of the recipes, including the META-D.  However, for now my budget doesn't allow so for now I simply follow and hope that they link the recipe or note the ingredients.

I was happily surprised that the #bombshellspell recipe from @TIU was public, because I can definitely use the benefits offered from drinking apple cider vinegar.  I did, however this week, annoyingly and regrettably forget to drink my #bombshellspell 3 times  I was in a hurry for work and didn't see them in the fridge, because I had moved them to the bottom shelf.  I did finally remedy this Thursday night when I made 2 more batches and made sure to put them on the top shelf.  Friday and Saturday I happily drank my spell. 

Daily Check Ins
AUG 5:   Day 1:  EatsWorkout
AUG 6:   Day 2:  EatsWorkout
AUG 7:   Day 3:  Eats Workout
AUG 8:   Day 4:  Eats Workout & Eats
AUG 9:   Day 5:  EatsWorkout
AUG 10: Day 6:  EatsWorkout
AUG 11: Day 7:  EatsWorkout

M1: TIU BombshellSpell
M1: Blueberry Greek Parfait 
M2: Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls 
M3: Beet Juice
M3: TIU Green Glow Smoothie
M5: Pineapple Chicken / Turkey Meatloaf Muffins & Roasted Brussels Sprouts
M5: Spinach Quinoa Peach Salad

Monday Night Day 1
During my workout Jasmine decided to keep me company and found safety on my hand weights.  For the first part of my workout he was trying to play with me feet, which wasn't his best choice with me jumping around during my HIIT workout. 

After my workout I headed over to my mirror for some snap shots and Jasmine followed me over.  He's pretty cute when he wants attention. 

If you want to join along the challenge I'm using #RestartResetRefresh and #LakeHouseFit or feel free to follow me on instagram to view my daily check in's.

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