Monday, August 19, 2013

Style Cure: Update #1

I decided not to worry to much about dimensions with my floor plan since I wasn't planning on adding any new future to the design plan for the Style Cure Day 5's challenge, which is all about taking time to measure your space and create floor plan so you can have accurate dimensions to help with the flow of your space by not measuring. 

Below is a basic idea of what my main floor looks like, minus the kitchen.  The red error points to our main door and currently our TV is centered in front of the windows, and the couch on the back wall.   

With this project I hope to accomplish a few main Goals:
1. Find Storage for the pet food and feeders on Stairwell wall
2. Adjust table to better fit in Dining room 
3. Hang art work on back wall in living room
4. Decide on a color scheme and paint!
5. Create focal wall on back dining wall
6.  Create an entry way

 Day 6 is all about learning about color and determining if your space is  private or public, which will help to move you towards warm or cool colors.   I decided to choose private as it moved me toward cool colors, which I felt would help to lighten up the space and "these colors quiet the emotions and sharpen our thoughts, allowing our mind to do its best work."  I do a lot of work in the living and dining room, and I want to make sure I can move towards my other goals at home by being inspired to keep sharp once I enter into my home. 

Day 7 was a weekend of cleaning and decluttering your space, as well as collecting color chips, however, on this weekend I had been out of town visiting some friends in D.C. so this was pushed to Tuesday.  I was pretty excited to do some maneuvering in the living after seeing this {below} living room layout from 6th Street Design.  I really liked the openness of the space and it resembled how my living room is.  It inspired me to think about  moving my 15" wide billy bookcase on the window wall, which would also give me some space to display some of my favorite items. 

Living Room Layout Inspiration Photo

Here is a reminder of how my Living room looked like prior to the Weekend Cleanup.

Here is what my living room looks like now, after 1) the new rug I found at Home Goods Virginia this past weekend, and 2) changing up the layout to match my inspiration. I wasn't able to fit the bookshelf to the left of the windows, but it seems to work nicely in the middle.  I think at some point I want to find a comfy loveseat to replace the vintage side chair just to add more seating.

After Cleanup:

There are still several things to do in this room, like moving the sofa to the left a bit more once the IKEA base cabinet that we were temporaily using as our entry table is sold.  Currently, it's being housed to the left of the sofa.  I also want to find 2 matching mcm end tables, and coffee table.  I love my circle end table, but it will need to find another home in the house.  I also plan to add the glass door to the Billy Bookcase so the cats don't knock anything over on the bookshelf, as they like to climb everything.  With that I'll be looking for a new used cat tower or wall steps for them to play on. 

Here are some other projects Potential Projects
1. DIY Picture Ledges
2. All You Need is Less Art Print
3. Sun Shine Art Print
4. Spray paint my table lamp
5. Gallery Wall 
6. Create a Stencil or Stamp for Dining Room Faux Wallpaper
7. DIY Welcome Sign Art Print

Day 7 of the Style Cure takes time to review your paint chips and then declare your decor pairing, whether it be a purchase or a diy project. This homework was assigned on the 12th, but didn't happen until the Wednesday night on the 15th.  After work I forced myself to grab all the supplies I needed from my 3rd floor office to put together a simple design binder for this project and then took time to review my pinboard images and my 3" stack of Martha Stewart sample colors I had already picked up at Home Depot a few months back when I was working on the color scheme for the house.  I had originally chosen: Vapor, nimbus cloud and endive for my main floor, but have since purchasing my new southwestern rug changed up the colors a bit.

I'm also torn between two different feels for the room:

Option 1:
Washed Denim,  Mimosa, Nimbus Cloud and Endive
I love the light and array feeling of this room, so I'm not sure I want to use the darker greens.  Plus, I really do love Endive in my kitchen and would like to incorporate it somehow as an accent color in the living/dining area.


Accent Colors:
Living Room: Green, Red
Dining Room: Mimosa (yellow)

I'm still debating on if I'm going to stick with Vapor or use Picket Fence as my white background.

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