Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Whole 30 Week 3

So I’m pretty excited, because I decided to weigh myself and it said 148!  Wow, haven’t been that light since April and that didn’t last but a week before I sprung back up to 152lb.  This last year I’ve been less than 155lb, which has been nice, but since starting the Whole30 Challenge I’ve never felt healthier & satisfied with what I’m eating.  It’s amazing when you don’t rely on processed foods how quickly your stomach can communicate with your brain that your satisfied even before you finish you place.    It’s also been nice no needed a cup or two or three of coffee a day to keep me going, and I’m really thinking about not going back to coffee.  When you’re on the Whole30 challenge they don’t recommend you weigh yourself, because it’s not about weight loss, that’s really only an extra benefit that comes along with eating well.  However, I hadn’t weighed myself in a while and wanted to see where I was at especially since my clothes are getting looser. 

I’ve also been drinking more water.  I’ve not been totally on with the no sugar no gluten as last night I did have some graham crackers with peanut butter and honey dipped in unsweetened Almond Milk, but I could only eat 4 small pieces (= 2 full sticks) before I was sick to my stomach.  I ended up giving the rest to my dog who enjoyed them far more.  It’s funny how sweet and nauseating they were after not having sugar & gluten in my system for a few weeks.  I’m glad I did eat try to eat them, because now I know they make me feel sick, and blah feeling and super groggy in the morning.  I feel better and have more energy when I’ve had at least 7 hours of sleep and no gluten. 

I love actually how my sleep patterns have improved doing the Whole 30 Challenge.  I’m ready for bed between 10pm and 11pm and sleep through the entire night!  It’s been several months of waking up around 2am or 4am and then it would take me a while to go back to sleep.  Plus, I’m finding time to read.  I’m not much a  reader, but I’ve been working on the ‘It Starts with Food’ book based on the Whole30 Challenge and it’s been very helpful in understanding why the foods were selected for the challenge and why it’s been so hard to lose weight in the past.    I read about a chapter a day, but break it up depending on the number of pages.  The past day or so my reading has been delayed, but for good reasons.  This morning I’m excited to say that I finally, finally tried on a large banker’s box full of clothing + a small bankers box worth of blue jeans that I’ve been procrastinating for the last several months now.    It felt really good to finally get that done and now I have two nice size piles, one to donate and one to sell, and 2 pants for snow removal and 2 workout pants for running outdoors and 3 pairs of jeans I can wear right now.   I currently have several boxes that I need to write up so I can take them to be donated.  That’s on my list of things to do this week.  Once that’s done my living room will look less like a storage unit.  Though I have brought more items in, I’m still okay with that since I’m also taking things out and the new items work better with my overall concept design and have designated uses.  

I took a few photos of my latest thrifty finds, but they will have to be posted later this week.  I also need to set up a time to look at an old 1950s white table so I can have it ready for guest for Thanksgiving and also send out the invite for dinner to a few people.  It will be small maybe 5 or 6 people, as I can’t seat any more then that at the table. 

List of Recipes I’ve tried – liked – won’t make again.


Paleo Egg and Veggie Muffins
{I combined two recipes, but didn't add bacon: one / two}

 Coconut Milk Ice Cream
apple's soaked in orange and lemon juice.
Lunch / Dinner

Chicken Veggie Meatballs with Pesto Zucchini "Noodles

Paleo Coconut Nuggets w "BBQ" Sauce {these are my favorite so far}

Almond Crusted Stuffed Chicken {very very delicious}


chicken salad made by mixing avocado

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