Sunday, November 11, 2012

{60 minute} Red Owl

It's been an exhausting, but productive weekend of cleaning out.  Yesterday during my morning reading I had some inspiration to change the layout of my living and dining room and it's made such a difference.  My living room just by switching my amazing IKEA walnut finish bookcase and my 1970 metal shelf how open my living now feels and how functional my bookshelf is now.  I'm finally able to use my chalkboard that I purchased at IKEA a few months back.  I've been hesitant to hang it up on the wall, because I've just not found the right location for it, but so far I'm pretty satisfied with where it's at.  I even hung up my white board next to my bookcase, which has a list of projects I need to take care.

I moved my dining table to the kitchen, which will be replaced hopefully this week with another table with real legs.  Currently, it's being held up by sawhorses.  My elliptical is being stored in my dining room and has been for many months.  It's gone back and forth from my living and dining area, but so far it works best in the dining room.  However, it's super tight since I live in a townhouse so I have it listed on craigslist and  hope that it will sell soon. 

I also purchased a new table lamp from the thrift store that I LOVE!  It's a nice mid-century style lamp that has been added to my 1970s bar cart.  It works great and gives a landing spot for my roommates papers and bags. 

Once I finished up I headed to a local used furniture store, which had a few pieces that caught my eye, but nothing that I felt I needed to purchase right now so I just snapped a few photos and headed for my run.  Since I hadn't run in over a month I decided to do a run/walk (2 min run / 4 min walk).

In the evening my roommate and I headed to our local thrift store and I came home with a few more purchases.  They are currently still residing in my vehicle, because of all the cleaning out I've been doing.

Sunday we bathed the dog, I made eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, and read for a bit.  Afterwards I took my vintage metal cabinet outside to begin removing the rest.  I used this DIY for vintage items, but thre is still more rust left on the cabinet then I'd like so I'm going to try this DIY.  Here is what it looked like before, but the after isn't much different with the first / natural process.

I also painted my 70s wall decor red to match my bedroom.

I used two light coats of the primer and then let it dry inbetween cleaning the basement.  Then I sprayed 3 light coats of the red and rotated my spray paint tin (I used a deer feed tin we had on hand) around so I could get all sides for an equal coat.

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