Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thrifty Mid Century Finds

I’m so excited, yesterday after work I headed out to one of our local thrift stores as they are 50% off EVERYTHING on Wednesday’s, including home décor items.  I had some ideas in mind when I went, but didn’t come home with anything on my list which included: * Herringbone / Chevron pattern * Frames 8x10, 4x6, 5x7 * spice jars *bed side table. 
What I ended up with was * 4 table lamps (1 / living room 2/ bedroom 3/ office 4/ hand held for when taking photos)

* String of wooden apples that spell out ‘welcome’
Plan: Remove the current yard attachment and spray paint the apples, then restring.  They kind of look like owls, so I’m going to try to make them more owl like once they are sparyed a color to match my kitchen.

* Rattan food tray
Plan: Add several pieces of picture wire across then mount on wall.  The plan is to use it to hang my earrings from, instead of using apicture frame. 

* Metal card file box
Plan: Host all my new favorite Paleo recipes in.

* Milk glass vase/cup
Plan: make up brush holder

* Translucent green glass decorative bowl
Plan: store my dish rags when not in use.

* Red shower curtain (still in its original packaging)
Plan:  Use as bedroom curtains

* 6 min owl trivets
Plan:  I’m not sure yet, but I couldn’t resist because they were owls and only .99 cents

* Red frame with canvas
Plan: Was to use for jewelery, but I may just add a photo to use for wall art.

* ‘Nose’ glasses holder
Plan: Spray Paint!  This thing is super ugly so for .50 cents it’s worth testing my spray painting skills on a high gloss item and use it to store my sunglasses on in the Living Room.

* Banana hammock
Plan: We really need something to hang our banana’s on, but I haven’t found anything I really like.  They are either wire and black or wood with a traditional look.  This one was perfect – white and had a bit of a vintage feel to it and for .99 cents it was a steal.  It looks great ontop of my bread box, which is a white metal faux metal vintage bread box.
* big red caddy. 

 I definitely left with a vast array of things and some are just to test my painting skills on, but this is why I don’t go there on a regular basis.   It’s also a good idea not to shop here after perusing pinterest for craft /DIY ideas, because you want to spray paint everything. 

After my adrenaline rush from there I decided to hit another local favorite thrifty store, which tends to carry more furniture.   I was highly disappointed there in my search of a mid-century bed side table that I could modify.  I don’t want to pay a lot for one, because I want to spray paint it red so I thought finding one there might be helpful.  I found one online for $25, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for and I’m not sure I want to spend $25 on something that will take more time to make pretty.   What I did end up bringing home was * a red/white large floral print table cloth * black and cyan pillow case set * 5 large juice cups with a modern / retro design * milk glass vase * crotched pear *

Most of what I brought home had a retro / mid century feel or was actually from that era.  That’s one reason I love thrifty stores.  It helps me to bring home accessories that I love without breaking the bank. 

When I arrived home I sorted everything and took off all the annoying price tags and goo-goned any residue left behind ad then sorted my glassware either in the dishwasher or washed the rest by hand.  Then I got out some spray bleach cleaner to brighten up my living and bedroom lamp.  The living room has more of a mid-century danish flair and I even like the shade since adding it to the end table.  The other one has more of a retro chic flair and I think it’s a perfect addition to my “Rock the Retro Femme Flair” theme I’m working on in my bedroom.  There was no shade for this one, but the option to add one.  Thinking about buying a cheap one that has the shape I want and then adding a new fabric to match my décor. 

I made sure to put everything in their appropriate rooms so to look as if I didn’t bring anything in and straightened up a bit. 

Goals this weekend
- Clean up metal file cabinet
- Clean pendant
- Wash fabrics

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