Friday, November 30, 2012

hello my beautiful mid century dresser

I'm so excited!  Last night two guy friends came over to help me transport my new to me dresser from my SUV to my bedroom (on the second floor), though luckily it's the first room right up the stairs so they didn't have to do far.  I thought that it would be heavier since the two men in their late 40s / 50s who loaded it had quite a bit of trouble.  However, they decided not to remove the drawers, which then caused some damage to my perfectly good condition mid-century dresser that I'm none to thrilled with. 

I love that I found this dresser and I scored it for 20 bucks.  I was actually going for this 1950s dresser that once reviewing it in person decided to pass on it.  The cool thing was that it was located in a indoor flee market so there were multiple vendors that I was able to browse through.  By passing on that it gave me room for the dresser, which I almost missed since it was buried under accessories that the vendor was displaying on top.  When I go to any type of second hand store I always browse through the store at least twice, sometimes I'll go through a third time, but it depends on how quickly I browsed the first two times and how big the store is.  There was so much to check out along with some furniture hidden in the basement.  Though not much that I really wanted to take home as most of it was either country decor, way to much TLC required, or just nothing that I needed.  I did see a pretty vintage tree skirt and stockings, but they wanted over $50 just for the skirt so I passed.

Here is the current version of my dressing area.  It's still a work in progress, so please pardon my non-awesome photo and the lack of wall wow.  I still have to find a art deco mirror and some deco-fied art for the wall above.  I also need to figure out how to store my blow dryer.  It's currently in the top left drawer {you can see the cord out of the side of the drawer} but it wont shut all the way, but I also don't want to plug and unplug it everyday.   It's all about baby steps, especially with my indecisiveness and very little extra to spend on decor.


I did end up buying a $5 kitchy 50s sign that promotes baking soda and a $1 white tea light owl.  I don't like candles, but the owl was so adorable and had the mid-century flair that I love so much.  I try not to buy to many owls, but sometimes I have to make an exception.  At this point I need to find ways to better display my collection.

Here is what my make-shift vanity table looked like before.  Though this was actually version 2, maybe 3.  I change things up to often and soon after I changed it last & I don't always remember to document.


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