Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thrify Finds October Part 1

Here are a few of my goodies this month that will be making their way to finding a home in my home. 

I love the Scandinavian feel of the Santa pillow and that it was made in Colorado.  I also couldn't resist the adorableness of the reindeer.

Finally got an animal tape dispenser.  I had been looking at a cat one from staples, but didn't want to pay the sticker price.  the basket with linking will make it's way to my command center. 

I loved the colors and saying on the art print, but not so much the frame, so before snapping this photo I swapped out the art with one of my frames.  I like it much better, but I realized that my frame is breaking -- super sad face.  Though to the frames case I've had this one for 5+ years so it's seen better days.  

I also couldn't resist this bull.  she is so adorable and I love the yellow flowers and body coloring which gives it a cool vintage vibe. 

I know I didn't need this juicer, but I just love the design & the splash of orange.  I'm hoping to make good use of it or at least find the space to display it.

so pretty.  I love the rounded wood trim that compliments the ceramic print.

mushrooms!!!!! I was so excited to see these as I used to own this very same planter a year+ back in brown, but it broke.  I was very sad on that day.  Now it's in a bright and fun color.  I also hope to find a good use for that mushroom vinyl.  it's so adorable and cute.
score!!  owls and macrame my weakness.  so loving this and in yellow.  It instantly found a home in my half bath. 

I just adore these felt deer that I purchased these from a FVH member the other week.  They'll be added to my Christmas tree this year and I can't wait.  

IKEA towels and in blue and red, there were 5 and I took them all.  Yes, I'm greedy like that.  I also love the color and flower pattern of the hot plate.  It easily found a home on my coffee station.

Love this cute adorable scallop lid plastic laundry hamper.  It has a few scuffs on it, but hoping after a little cleaning it will be good as new.  Seriously the most adorable hamper I've seen that's not just for little girls. 

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