Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thrift Score August

SimR Ware Slow Cooker
Just look at those feet, sigh.  That's what got me when I saw her on the shelf.  I know she's missing a knob and she's also rusting around the feet and the back seam, but the inside is a perfect opal.  I hopeful that she works great and that I'll be able to sell my smaller more 70s style slow cooker to pay for this one. 

4-PC Stacking Mugs & Tupperware Veggie Steamer
I'm loving all that green, especially those darling stacking mugs that I spotted on etsy a few months ago.  There is one set of 2 currently for $18.  So I'm pretty proud.  they are so me!  I'm planning on cleaning up my "measure" mug holders that I was trying to sell and use it to hang these ladies up.  

The Tupperware veggie steamer sells for $25 NIB and I recently purchased on in Like New Condition from a friend for $20 and I didn't even pay a 1/3 of that for this lovely gal.  I'm super excited and plan to resell the other one and keep this one.  Love those colors, sigh. 

Mushrooms Mug

This guy is uber awesome and he'll look great at my coffee station where my mushroom collection is growing. 

Half Cup of Coffee Mug and Floral Japan Mugs
I wasn't able to find the mugs so I'm not sure exactly who the designer is, but there were definitely a wide selection of the half cup mugs with a listing price ranging from $5-$18.  I like the mug, but not sure I would pay the higher price point for it.  All 3 of these babies are heading for resell. 

SALEM Stoneware Mugs Georgetown Floral
These are super adorable and range anywhere from $5-$12 individually to a set of 4.  I picked them up because a) I'm a sucker for anything stamped Japan and b) they are colors of my bedroom.  I know I wasn't going to use them there, but figured I could add them to my resell pile. 

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