Friday, December 13, 2013

tucked in a bin, a little organization

Most of my nights lately have been parked in front of the TV watching holiday movies, however tonight I'm proud to say that I headed straight up to my creative space and organized my built in dresser drawers.  I sadly don't have any before photos, but I can tell you that everything was just thrown in the drawers and nothing really had any particular order.   It was really getting at my type A personality and I'm so glad to see some order to them. 

My hygiene drawer was the first drawer I tackled and it looks a ton better.  This was becoming a hug junk drawer and I'm glad to be able to find what I need and now know that I'm good with razors and deodorant, but need to order some bar soaps.   Since going back to short hair last year I've not used my flat iron, but I love it so I keep it tucked in the back of the drawer.  I do need to adjust my feminine items since some of them I've had a while and really don't plan on using.  I only have them because my mom bought them.

My purses are pretty easy, I just sorted my totes (far right), actual purses and then hiking bags (far left).  In the striped shoe box I added my wallets and the black bin I have what few tights and dressier items that I own just in case I might decide to wear a dress and my travel pillow over top.  

I think my towels are by far my favorite organized drawer tonight I think mainly due to having sufficient tubs to hold them in. After a few rounds this drawer usually ends up looking like a hodge podge so I hope this will help to keep it somewhat tidy.  

I didn't realize how many hair towels I had until I started sorting them tonight.  Though most of them were given to me by my grandmother, all brown & extras she wasn't using.  They work when I travel or when I'm out of the 3 white one's I prefer to use, but for now I see no reason to part with them.   I have parted with a few hand towels since a month+ ago I purchased some new one's for the kitchen and bathroom downstairs.

I also used clothespins for labels, but I don't think I'm going to keep them as they're really not that practical for this drawer.

My sheets I think shortly will need to be included in a drawer organizer, but I have to find one around the house or I'm thinking I might grab my last stitch fix box that I haven't thrown out yet.  

My hand towels fit nicely in the back and in front of them are a few wash cloths, though I rarely use them.  Then to the left of the wash cloths are my pillow cases.  I'm thinking I should purchase a few more of them, maybe red, blue and yellow to match my pattern cases I love.
It's nothing fancy, but it's all about small steps that move you toward your end result. Sometimes done is good enough for some areas.

What are some steps you have taken in order to create order in your home?

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